Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Bachelor Rant!

Where do I even begin?!?!?! I have never really watched these types of shows for one reason or another, but these season my best friend Jessica got me curious so I started watching it. I didn't start watching at the beginning but I don't think I missed anything too important. But right away I was quite intrigued just to find out who he will end up with. However addicting this show is... I actually kind of dislike and don't quite grasp the concept of it. I do not know how any one could do a show like this... ya ya to find love... but how can you really get to know and fall in love with someone in that way?? They don't even get to spend much time together until later on in the show when there are only a few people, but even then its not that much. And I don't know how anyone would be okay with knowing that he is out making out and telling all these other girls that they are "the most amazing woman he has ever met". I would be so annoyed. Its interesting to me that the girls are extremely friendly to each other at the house. That would just be so weird to me to hear all this stuff about the guy I'm dating and potentially falling in love with from other girls. WEIRD!!
I honestly do not know why they have the ultimate goal be a proposal. Although I have not watch any other seasons, I have heard that the majority of these relationships don't last. I don't understand why it has to go straight to that. I mean marriage is a HUGE deal and its a HUGE decision. I don't know how either of the people could know each other well enough by that point to feel confident to become that committed to each other. Pretty much their whole relationship has been on TV up to that point.. how could you know how they are going to be once the cameras aren't around and you don't have the whole world watching???? Why not just have the end result just be the girl who he wants as his girlfriend and maybe one day a proposal?? That probably wouldnt be as fun to watch but it would make more sense. Another thing that drove me up the wall is that they kept saying he was in love with these two different women. I dont believe that that is possible. I mean he could care greatly about both, yes, but be in LOVE with them??? Um no probably not...
There were quite a few interesting girls on this season. I absolutely loved Melissa. She is such a sweetheart. I was hoping the whole time that he would pick her and I was estatic when he proposed!!! I even teared up and got goosebumps... (I'm such a cry baby.. ha ha). I never really liked Molly. She always just seemed off to me and a little scandalous. She just rubbed me the wrong way. When Jason told her that he had to let her go and she started shaking her head and telling him that he was making a huge mistake that pissed me off so bad. I feel for her because that would SUCK to be in that position... but if the man I loved told me he would be happier with someone else, I would wish him well and respect his decision. I believe thats what someone in love would want.... just for the person they love to be happy, no matter what that means.
I liked Jason all the way up until the After the Final Rose episode. I was FURIOUS when he said he wanted to break up with Melissa. He is a complete idiot. Sweet little Melissa made some very good points and I thought it was funny that Jason didnt have anything good to say in response. I mean if you honestly love someone.. or supposedly love someone... and you were having problems... wouldnt you want to try and work through it?!?!?!?! He is such a traitor for giving up that quickly and just dropping her like that. I wouldnt be so mad at him had he atleast TRIED to make things better... but instead he just gives up and wants what he cant have. Im curoius to see what happens with Molly and if he just gets sick of her too.

Here is Chris Harrisons (the host) blog and his thoughts about the whole thing:


Lindsay said...

Oh my gosh, I completely agree. I totally think they shouldn't propose at the last episode just for TV ratings - they should just be the "one he picked" and then take it from there, if it works great, if not, don't get engaged. I think there's so much behind the scenes that we don't see, and I swear they edit so much, just to keep us guessing. Jason is a total dork, but I guess Melissa (& Jillian) deserve way better than him anyway. Molly can have him - but he'll probably get sick of her too. If you think about it, it's such a dumb show - but SO addicting! I got the chills when he proposed too! Funny.

Jenna said...

Holy crap! I agree 100% I was so mad at him!!! He was such a jerk. And it makes me wonder why his wife left him in the first place. He's really weird and he seems terrified to commit. My husband even got into the After the Final Rose and was pissed! lol We both agreed that Melissa is the mature and rational one and hope Molly dumps him soon.

Chelsea said...

Wasn’t that just ridiculous?! I felt so bad for Melissa! I hated Molly, and was so mad that he just changed his mind! But I loved how Melissa told him off and walked right past him on her way out. :) My favorite from the very beginning was Jillian, and I was so mad when she left! But guess what?! She’s gonna be the next Bachelorette! It starts May 18th. I’m so excited. :)

Shumway Adventures said...

I agree with everything! I loved Melissa too! I was rooting for Melissa the whole way. I liked Molly but then I didn't because of the whole physical thing. She even mentioned that was why she at first liked him. I thought Jason was a great guy, but I have to say i didn't like the way he was after the final rose either. Seriously, I think he just got freaked out or something. My bet is that in six weeks he'll do the same thing to Molly and go back to Diana! Ha Ha probably not but hey it would be the same pattern! Many alive I should blog about this too... I could go on forever as well!!