Friday, March 20, 2009

5 months & 28 days

Yes.. I am counting down. 5 months and 28 days till my happily ever after really begins!! Call me a little over eager... but I have already got a great start on planning. I know I have been "officially" engaged for a week but so far the temple is booked, the reception center is reserved, photography and videography is booked, and as of last night I have my dress!!!! First place I went and second dress I tried on. It is absolutely beautiful. It seriously took my breath away. I wish I could post pics of it but I cant let Ryan see it!!! If you want to see it though let me know and I can email some pictures to you. But I must say... much like my ring.. pictures does not do it justice. The place we went is called fairy godmother. Its just a lady that does it out of her house. She had lots of selection and the personal help was wonderful. But every other dress that I tried on after mine just didn't compare in the least. I am so excited to wear it!! And another thing that is great... its was a size 2!!!! But this means I better not gain anything these next 6 months or else I will have problems. haha
Although I have checked a big thing off my list... it creates a few more things that I need to check off. Now I need to figure out my jewelry, veil, boustier, hoop skirt, and of course my shoes. My mother and I are going to try to make my veil... how hard could this be??? We will have to see how it goes. I am also considering decorating my own shoes... but they are going to have to live up to my dress... which might be difficult. If anyone knows of someone who has a hoop skirt that goes under the dress that makes it more poofy or knows of a place to get a boustier at a good price PLEASE let me know. :) We got a really good deal on my dress but its always nice saving money on these little things.
My next obstacle is going to be floral. I have been looking around, but I am totally open to suggestions. If you know of someone that does flowers at a good price this information would be appreciated!!
I'm really hoping that the time to my wedding will fly. I am WAY too excited.


Jacob and Shayla Bentley said...

Hey Janessa! Congratulations again on your engagement! Marriage is SO wonderful. I was reading your post and noticed that youa re looking for a hoop skirt. My wedding dress had a hoop skirt that went under it and I am sure that you could borrow it if you would like. Let me know! My e-mail address is

-Shayla Bentley

Alisha said...

holy cow you are on the ball girl! so where did you book your reception? im doing the wedding planning myself but i am not the best at decisions haha! congrats!

Brittany and Dallin said...

Ness, I have a hoop might not fit because lets be honest, I'm slightly more well fed than you, but it's a draw string, so you could always cinch it up real tight! Let me know. Also, David's Bridal as boustiers, and I'm sure they are pretty reasonably priced. And, I want to see your dress.... The End.

The Nilsons said...

Check out my blog. I have wedding pics up. I did my own one could do what I wanted. Save lots of $$ too. Also I have a white veil and a cream one you could try. The white one has australian crystals around the edge. Didnt save any $$ there. LOL Last but not least, the hoop skirt. I have a few. Give me a gingle I might be able to help ya out.

Taylor and Natalie Hathcock said...

Oh wow you are on top of things! So what photographer did you go with? DID you check out the one we used at all? My florist was really good so let me know if you want her name and stuff. k let me know if you need anything!

Tarah said...

Do you need a hair lady? Cause wanna know something weird. I like to do hair, and I have done a few wedding hair do's. Just a thought you let me know sister. I am so happy for you. You think your wedding is far away, but it will get here so fast! I am so excited for you. I can't wait. You better send me a picture of your dress! I wanna see I wanna see. Oh yeah we need to get together and get some scrap booking done. I'm so far behind that we will be scrap booking our weddings together ha ha!
Love ya!