Friday, February 27, 2009

25 Random Facts

If you have a facebook you might have already seen this but I did change a few things... and I thought this was really fun to do...
Now the 25 random facts about me....
1. I have a shoe & purse obsession... and have WAY too many of both.
2. I had braces twice along with head gear and retainers. Needless to say I was an ugly child. And now I have to wear a night guard because I grind my teeth.
3. I think I am slightly OCD because the majority of my things are very organized. My room & my car are a little messy... but everything besides the clothes all over the floor is pretty organzied.
4. I am an exact yellow on those personality color tests.
5. I love scrap booking and is one of my biggest hobbies at the moment next to snowboarding.
6. As of the Super Bowl this year... I finally understand football... well kind of...
7. I am a HUGE people pleaser and have a hard time being straight forward and mean when I need to be. And I'm not good with confrontation.
8. No offense to my friends that are one... but I just don't get the vegetarian thing... I could never do it.
9. I love photography and hope one day to do it as a hobby job.
10. I think I'm phone shy... cause I would rather text than call someone I don't know if its because I don't have patience for it but I want to change this. Sorry I'm lame.
11. I get the hiccups ALOT.
12. I love work out videos... specifically Turbo Kick. I'm actually certified to teach it.. but I'm terrified of getting up in front of people and doing it... Maybe one day I will get over it. Its so much fun though!! Check it out :)
13. My dimple is not real. When i was a hyper active child I was spinning on my dads office chair and flew off and the corner of the desk broke my fall on my cheek. My face was black and blue for a month and the muscle never grew back together.
14. I got burned by my car seat buckle when I was a baby and now have a scar on my right leg that used to look like a fish...
15. My biggest celebrity crush is Ashton Kutcher... some people say Ryan kinda looks like him :)
16. The only reason I miss high school is for the Granny B's cookies in the vending machines. I haven't been able to find one as good since..
17. My last name is seven spelled backwards
18. I took math 1050 three times... and the last time finally got a D.
19. I love popping zits. Gross I know... Which brings me to #20
20. I want to go to esthetician school and then eventually one day own my own day spa.
21. I absolutely HATE horror movies... however I laughed my butt off in 30 Days of night... BTW Josh Hartnett is a hottie :)
22. Since I have graduated high school, I have had approximately 10 different jobs. That includes part time jobs I worked on the side as well. Some of them only lasted a month or so but still that's alot! :P
23. I am probably the most indecisive person you will ever meet. And then when I finally make a decision, I often doubt myself...
24. I HATE being startled. It usually ends with me punching some one and being pissed off.
25. Its taken me 4 years to get my associates degree...

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Lindsay said...

I just learned a lot about you! Fun! I hate horror movies too and I don't think I will EVER understand football, I've given up. And yes, it was dark when I was trying to put on my shoes, I'm a dork. We need to go out to eat again! Weston and I always have a blast!