Monday, December 22, 2008

Zach & Angies Wedding

This last weekend I went with Ryan up to his best friend Zach's wedding in Seattle. Oh my what a weekend. I was really excited about going. Well...... We left on friday morning and our flight was about an hour late. Zachs mom was supposed to be picking us up at the airport in Seattle so she was sitting there for like 2 hours waiting for us I felt so bad!! The rehersal was at 5 that afternoon so we had to hurry. However on our drive to get to the ferry one of the freeways was completely backed up so we had to go a different way. Come to find out the reason the road was backed up was because a bus was hanging over the overpass!!! This is the actual picture from the news---------------------->
Once we finally got to the hotel we only had like 40 minutes to get ready. Mind you I was traveling all day and had planned to shower when we got to the hotel. So we had to rush to get ready. Stupid me decided to curl my hair(I have a hard time with sometimes) and it takes me forever to do and I hate being rushed. When we got to the rehearsal Ryan had to go and do best man stuff... which left me sitting alone by myself. It was then that I realized that I didn't think this through. Its been awhile since I have been to a civil wedding and best men usually have more responsibility than at the Mormon weddings. lol.
Ryan & I at the rehearsalThe groom & his groomsmen
Zach(groom), Nolan(ring bearer), Jake, Ryan, Jason, Cole & Mahe
After the actual rehearsal we went to a nice yacht club for dinner. I was excited cause I was going to get to be with Ryan. But come to find out Ryan and Mahe(another groomsmen) hadn't picked up their tuxes yet. So right before we ordered our food they went to go pick up another groomsmen from the ferry and then go get their tuxes. So they missed dinner completely. I wasn't too happy about it. But the dinner was good!

Saturday was the wedding day. The wedding wasn't till two but the wedding party had to go and take pictures at like 10. It took them all the way till two to be finished. The ceremony was very beautiful. It was cool because as soon as the ceremony was over we walked down the hall to the reception.
The Wedding Party
Ryan giving the Best Man Toast
Best Man & Groom
Zach, Angie, Me, & Ryan
Later that night Zach & Angie wanted to hang out with all of us since we all had to travel to come to the wedding. It was snowing so bad practically everything was closed. We had to drive on the freeway and it was completely covered with snow. It was scary cause they didn't have lights on some of the freeway. We ended up going to this mom and pop bar & grill right next to their hotel that we actually ran too it was so close. It was the only thing open for miles.
We had alot of fun singing and dancing and playing darts. Everyone that was there were regulars and they kept buying Angie & Zach drinks. There was this guy that was singing with his guitar all night that we had alot of fun with. They all thought they were crazy for hanging out with all of us on their wedding night but it was a blast!
The next day we had to leave bright and early. We volunteered to get Gramma Bagley to the airport since our flight was only a few hours after hers. This lil lady kept me company the whole time Ryan was off doing best man stuff. She is 96 years old and still has lots of energy left in her!! She is still traveling the world. I hope if I even make it to 96 that I have that much energy left!
Gramma Bagely & I
Our flight was delayed an hour at first.... we were supposed to leave at 1:02 but then it got delayed a little more and a little more till we finally didn't even board till 4:30. I was SO scared that our flight was going to get cancelled. If it had we would have been stuck in Seattle for 3 more days because there were no available flights. I felt bad for the rest of the wedding party because all of their flights got cancelled and couldn't leave till Monday! Once we were boarded they said it wasn't going to be long till we left.... an hour later after they defrosted the plane we finally started moving. Of course to top this story off there was a little girl sitting behind me, she was maybe two years old, and she kicked my seat and was extremely loud the entire time!! She also had this baby doll that would cry or giggle and she played with that for half of the flight. And the thing that made me more mad was that her mother didn't do anything about it. She just kept reading her book. People and their kids!! haha We finally got to Salt Lake around 7:30. I never have been so excited to be home.
Congratulations to Zach and Angie!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Festivities

Last night we finally got to go see the lights!! We have been trying for weeks to go see them but we were either too lazy or just couldnt get around to it. And Ryan refused to go untill it snowed a little cause he thought it looked pretty with the snow... haha. We went with our dear friends Chris and Rachel. They were the friends that I was living with. We were going to go see the lights up at the zoo but they actually closed earlier than we thought so we just went down to temple sqaure. It was a really quick walk through because we didnt get there till like 9:20 and they close at 10. I wouldnt have wanted to be there any longer than that anyway because it was SO cold!
Me & Rachel

A few weeks ago we went to the Festival of Trees. It was a fun thing to do for the holidays but I had forgotten how busy it gets. It was crazy! Im not a fan of a large mass of people especially when they all bring their kids. I have never gone that fast through it before. We would walk down the center of the isles and try to look at both sides as we walked through. If we saw a tree we liked we would stop for a second and look and then keep walking. We got through the whole thing in an hour. Any longer than that and I would probably have punched someone. We went to Crown Burger across the street before and that was just as bad. We should have thought that one over before... because everyone else thought it would be a good idea too. There were kids running all over the place it was ridiculous! We ate so fasst just so we could get out of there. But although it was hell to go through it.. the trees were so pretty! I cant imagine how much time and work it would take to make one of those.

Monday, December 15, 2008


Things have changed a little bit the last month or so.... As of yesterday I am officially moved back home! Its sure nice to have my own space again... and all my shoes!!! The only thing is that Ryan and I might not see each other as much since he lives all the way down town. We have been dating a year now and we have seen each other everyday except for maybe like 10 days total. Especially now that its winter there is less of a chance that I'm going to be driving down there on the icy roads! So we have been a little bummed about it, but we will make it work... I will be living at my parents till we get married(WE ARE NOT ENGAGED YET) and I dont have a clue when that will be, hopefully next fallish. I love my family & kitties though so it won't be bad at all.
I also got a new job about a month ago. Its actually an old job I had about a year and a half ago. I had to leave then because of some work drama I just didnt want to deal with anymore (dont date people from work.. haha), but I loved the job!! Im the office manager and the company is Newport Audio Video & Electrical. They do home theatre systems, central vac, rough and finish electrical. Its a great job, it keeps me busy and I have alot of responsibility. Im the only girl in the company so no drama for me! haha Its so nice to finally be in a good place again where I am SO much happier than I was just a few months ago.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

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