Monday, November 23, 2009

Happiness Is Only Real When Shared

I got a cold just in time for the weekend. But I didn't let it slow me down... much.
Thursday I went with some darling friends to the midnight showing of New Moon! Midnight is a little late for me nowadays but I figured I could handle staying up that late every once in awhile. And I think this was a good reason to. We went to Olive Garden for dinner before the movie. You would not believe how many women there were in that restaurant. I'm pretty sure 90% of the people in that restaurant were women either going to see New Moon or had just seen it.
Then of course we had to go wait in line for about an hour to be seated. We got pretty good seats!
The movie was great. I think I need to reread the books because I had a hard time remembering everything. But I think they did a much better job on this movie than the first. So excited for the next one! I heard it will be coming in June?? I didn't get home till about 3:30a.m. I don't think that helped much with my cold.
Friday I woke up and felt like death. So I called in sick, slept till about noon, then ran errands, and did a little decoration shopping for our apartment. As much as we both wouldn't want to admit this any other year, after going to all the stores and shops that have all this Christmas stuff up and Christmas music playing it actually got us in the Christmas spirit!! We normally wouldn't get into Christmas till after Thanksgiving. We like to take one holiday at a time. I am so stoked to have our own Christmas tree this year!
One of our walls in our front room has looked so plain so we finally made it look cute. We got the ribbon frames at Tai Pan for $30! I love that place. I will be going there for my Christmas decorations!
Saturday night we got together with Callee & Duncan. We went down to the Gateway to see the Lighting of the Lights. Ryan & I both weren't sure what it was. Ryan actually thought that it was the Temple Square lights. But KSL puts on this program every year I guess. They have musical guests, free cocoa and they light up a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the Olympic Square.
Sitting out in the cold for an hour or two probably didn't help my cold, but it was nice to get out and do something festive with good friends.
As much as being sick isn't EVER fun, having a sweet hubby take care of you all weekend sure is nice. Yesterday I didn't even leave the house I felt so awful. Good thing we have quite the movie collection to keep me entertained!! We finally got a table yesterday! Our friends let us have their old one for free! Kitty seems to like to too. lol Now we can have people over for dinner and actually have a table instead of tacky TV trays!
So last night I was woken up by a strange sound in our bathroom. Kitty usually gets really hyper at night so I figured he was doing something obnoxious as usual. When I walked into the bathroom our toilet was spitting out bubbles!!! We were both too tired to think to get a picture but this is kinda what it looked like. I don't know how this could have happened?? Any ideas?? I accidentally had thrown a baby wipe in there earlier that day and we thought it might have been that... but isn't that funny??

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Every end has a new beginning.

Its amazing how quickly things in life can change. Since being married Ryan & I have both had a reality check and have been thinking more than ever about our future.
Ryan has recently realized that firefighting might not be for him. Since we have been married having him gone days at a time has been quite the adjustment for both of us. He is still in the process of exploring other career ideas, but physical therapy seems to be tickling his fancy.
I FINALLY am enrolled for esthetician school at Elase Academy. I start in January and I am so stoked. I have been wanting to do this for years now and its exciting to finally going through with it. I will be going part time so it will take me about 15 months to complete. Its going to be a bit of a sacrifice but it will be worth it! I will be needing some people to practice on so if you want a service done for cheap and help out a friend let me know!
Ryan and I both got new jobs within the last week. They both kind of fell right into our laps. I got a job as a receptionist at a mortgage company right across the street from our apartment! Although its the same pay I am getting now, there is an opportunity to advance to a loan processor and many other pros that I couldn't turn down. (Thanks Jess for referring me :)
Ryan was offered a job yesterday at T-Mobile. It will be a change for him from an EMT to a sales guy, but once again it was too good to turn down. Not only will he have the opportunity to make more money, he will be home every night!
p.s. New moon tomorrow!! Whose excited?!?!?! :)

Friday, November 13, 2009


I have a few items of business to share today!
Kitty got fixed & declawed yesterday. It was heartbreaking. He hates the wrapping around his paws and they make it hard for him to walk. Its like he is wearing a shoe that is 4 sizes too big. I can't imagine how its going to be when we have kids.
Isn't he pathetically cute? Item#2
I have been into a baking phase lately. One of my new absolutely favorite blogs is Bakerella. If you haven't checked out her blog you need to!! She is so creative. She is famous for her cake pops. They looked so tasty!! And if its possible to crave something you have never tried before, that's what happened with these. So I decided to give them a try!!
They are just as tasty as I thought they would be. But I have WAY too many. So I need people to help me eat them before they magically disappear!!
I think one of the next things I am going to try to make is this:
Would you believe me if I told you that it was all dessert??
Item# 3
I have been contemplating what to do with my hair. I have been wanting to do something different for awhile but I am just too much of a wuss to try. Well, that and I can't ever decide what to do. So I want some opinions. I was thinking either short or going dark.
Maybe like this:
or this:
Or dark like this:
People have said that the dark would look good cause of my blue eyes. But I haven't had my hair short since I was 8 years old.
Let me know what you think!
Happy Friday!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Pleasant Surprise

Ryan got up this morning at 4:30 to go to the gym. I opted to staying in bed. When he got home I heard him clanking in the kitchen which followed by a delicious smell. I got up to investigate and this is what I found! He made me breakfast!! I have the best husband in the world. No battle. ;)
Thanks baby!
p.s. Kitty is getting snipped and clipped today. I am feeling so guilty.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wacky Wednesday

How is it that chicken nuggets that are shaped like things taste much better than normal ones??
My next question should be... when will I grow up??

Friday, November 6, 2009

Craft Night

Last night after a delectable dinner at the Olive Garden, my mom and I went home and made these:They were easy to make and they turned out so cute! I really want to make some for every holiday.
I am making a list of crafts I want to do on my nights I have husband-free. Anyone have any good ideas?? If anyone ever wants to join feel free!
I found these online today: They will make cute ornaments. The instructions can be found here.
Happy Friday everyone!! Have a good weekend!
I am really glad that we are friends.
Love you!!

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Annual Haircut

Usually Ryan only cuts his hair once a year. Before the wedding we trimmed it cause it wanted it long, but now that the wedding is over he just wants to do it the easy way. So last night we just shaved it! It was kinda fun!
Quite a change right?!? I think he looks good both ways.
P.s. He actually was happy when we were done.

Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween Festivities

A few weeks ago on a night that Ryan was working, my mom and I went to Gardner Village for dinner and to enjoy the Halloween decorations! It was a fun festive thing to do. There were a lot of ladies wandering around in Witch costumes. It was so cute!
Halloween is one of my favorite holidays! It was quite an eventful weekend. Friday we carved pumpkins with Chris & Rachel. It was fun! I can't remember the last time that I carved a pumpkin.
Even kitty helped a little.
Here is the end result!
Chris did Voldemort, Mine is the skull, Rachel did the mad hatter and Ryan did Jack Skeleton!
Ryan had to work on Halloween and I hated the thought of sitting at home by myself on a holiday so I went and hung out with my AWESOME new sis-in-law in Logan. I went with her and some of her friends to the Howl they have up there. It was so much fun. There were so many people!! Its fun to be able to let loose, dance all crazy and act a little immature. ha!
Hope you all had a good Halloween!! I'm already thinking of my costume for next year :).