Saturday, November 22, 2008


I never thought I would be one of those people that got so excited for a movie. But this was my guilt pleasure!! And I even bought a shirt to wear when I went to see it... haha. However I didn't go opening night to see it... thank goodness!! I dont enjoy the general public, all those crazy women can you imagine?? I abosultely loved this movie!! When it ended and the credits came on I didnt want it end. I wish that they had just made one long movie of all the books. I dont even care if it was like 6 hours long I would seriously sit and watch the whole thing!! There definately were a few parts that weren't the same as the book but all in all I think they did a pretty good job! I feel really bad for all the men in the world that have to live up to Edwards standards. He is just wonderful!! I dont think they could have picked a better person for his part, and for any of them really. I was a little nervous about Kristen Stewart as Bella because some other stuff she has been in I wasnt really impressed. I actually saw an interview with her and she seemed like she had a bad attitude. But luckily I felt she did very well. Ill more than likely go see it a few more times! :) My family and I went to seattle earlier this year and of course I requested that we go and visit Forks. I recognized alot of stuff that was in the movie and even got a picture in front of the sign! I feel like such a nerd for being so in love with this movie, but seriously... if you have read the books you know how I feel!

Friday, November 7, 2008

U of U vs. TCU

Last night Ryan and I went to the U of U football game against TCU. Besides the freezing cold and the masses of stupid people, I really enjoy going to football games. Jake was sweet enough to get us tickets for free. Our seats were in the standing student section and were supposed to be like all the way up in the back... but we managed to yoink a spot up a few rows. It actually wasn't too bad in the standing section because standing up and moving around actually is a great way to stay warm. There was this couple in front of us that would literally make out every time the Utes did something good. It was so gross!! Ryan and I aren't huge fans of PDA, but we will hold hands and peck once in awhile... sometimes I even give him a few love punches. :) So my toes were about to fall off but Ryan wanted to stay and see how the game was with the last few minutes left. There was 5 mintues left and they still werent doing very well, so we left because we didnt want to get stuck in traffic. As soon as we made it to the other side of the stadium there was less than 2 minutes left and the crowd started roaring. So we popped our heads in to see, not a touchdown but they were making progress... We waited a another few minutes but nothin happened so we just decided to go. Well of course as we are out in the parking lot walking to our car the crowd roars again! And sure enough they had made a touchdown to win the game 13 to 10. I was pissed that we stood 3 hours in the cold watching the game and the most exciting part of the game happened as we left. But at least they won and we got free churros!! GO UTES!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Body Worlds 3 Exhibit

Last Thursday Ryan and I went and saw the Body Worlds exhibit downtown. We had attempted to go many times but had it not work out for some reason or another. We were very excited to go, FINALLY! Let me just say it was amazing. The moment we walked into the exhibit it was so peaceful and felt like a sacred place. People weren't just quiet but more like reverent for the cadavers. It was actually kind of a spiritual experience for me. They had letter displayed from one of the body donors that gave me chills when I read it as well as a thank you letter from the people who created it to the cadavers. It was amazing to really see how our body works and how everything works together. Its just proof that there has to be God because the human body is so intricate and extraordinary. Its definately something you need to see atleast once.