Thursday, May 21, 2009

Birthday Festivities

First off I must say... I am marrying an amazing man. Wednesday was my birthday but Ryan wanted to take me out on Tuesday night to dinner. I thought it was just going to be us two. But he surprised me by getting a bunch of my friends to come to dinner! I was so surprised!! It was kind of funny cause he made reservations at 730, which is usually a little late for me to eat dinner. I kept bugging him about just going earlier! But no. On the way over he asked if I was okay and I said I'm just really hungry and need to eat! And he came back with a, "why didn't you say something sooner??" haha He likes to poke. Thanks for all my friends that came!! And sorry to those that didn't know about it. I didnt plan it. Ryan had a limited access to phone numbers.
And sorry this will be a picture overload post. :) But I cant get enough!

Hooray for Goodwood!
The surprise dinner put me in the best mood. You guys are the best!
I had to go to work on my actual birthday but got off a little early and after a yummy chinese lunch with my man, we went down to Thanksgiving Point Gardens and rode the segways! It was a blast. We probably spent more time taking pictures than actually riding but it was so much fun nonetheless. We used the self timer and some amazing balancing skills to pull some of these off.
Waiting for our segways!

Isn't he cute?? He is becoming a pretty good lil photographer. I have trained him well. haha

Thank you self-timer.
This one is probably my favorite:
Shoot who needs a professional photographer to do our engagements!! (which btw are next month! YAY!) We could just do it ourselves with the assistance of self-timer!! haha jk
We finished the day off with dinner with my family. Can you guess what kind of food we had?? haha They made me put the sombrero on since it was my birthday.
It was such a great day. I am so excited to marry my best friend :)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Blondies Night Out

Once a month my friends Jessica, Lindsay & her baby Weston, Lindsie and I go out to dinner. We always have so much fun and we ALWAYS get asked if we are sisters. Just because we are blonde doesn't make us sisters. haha I swear Weston is the cutest baby EVER, even if he is all over the place ;). We went to Applebees and then Frogurt out in Draper. Frozen yogurt is my new favorite thing. I dont feel as guilty eating it... but I guess when you load it up with candy it kinda defeats the purpose!!
Thanks girls!! Can't wait till our next blonde's night out!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

"Race" for the Cure

Saturday was the Race for the Cure. Somehow I got Ryan to come with me. Last year I had signed up for it but didn't end up going, so I was excited to do it this year. We met up with a big group of friends but then we all kind of went our separate ways cause Ryan and I don't really like waiting around for people. We just walked it but it was pretty cool that that many people come together to do that. Below is a picture during the race. It seemed like people went on forever in both directions. It was nice to just walk and talk. I find it interesting though that they call it a "race" for the cure, when they dont even time it. haha Ryan was joking the whole time how Hooters or titty bars should be there supporting the cause! It makes sense right?!? Maybe next year they will be smart enough to show up. lol Next year we are going to wear bras that say "we support boobies." haha Anyone in? Hope all who went had fun!

Mothers Day

I just wanted to take a minute and say a few things about my wonderful mother on this beautiful mothers day. I am so blessed to have the mother that I do. She is incredible. I have always had such a good relationship with her. She isn't just my mother, she is a good friend. And she is absolutely adorable to me!! We always have so much fun together. She has done and sacrificed so much for me. Even if she doesn't cook much, gets on my case about cleaning my room or my bathroom, I really appreciate everything she has done, does, and will do for me. I cant wait to be a mother myself one day (actually I can wait, but it will be cool when it happens.) haha

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Quick! Hurry!

Come to the Race for the Cure this Saturday!! Registration ends tonight at midnight so hurry and sign up!! You can click on the link below to register! Its $25 bucks but for a good cause! I'll be there!

Happy Cinco di Mayo!

I haven't really had any wedding nightmares the last little while until last night. It was our wedding day and we went to the temple for the sealing right? Well when we got inside the temple, this guy told us that it was booked and we hadn't been scheduled. I freaked out because I had the temple booked before we even got engaged. So we asked if we could still come out of the temple and just pretend that we had been married and just go on with the day as planned. How depressing would that be?!?! I am one that wears my emotions on my sleeve and there is no way I could pull that off. :S It was so awful it woke me up. But it seems that the majority of those dreams are when I'm not prepared. I feel like I have alot done, but then I look at my list and I really don't. I'm going to try and get alot done these next few weeks since I'm taking classes this summer. I'm going to be busy busy busy! I have been thinking of getting a second job. But with taking three classes, already working full time and planning a wedding, I don't know where I would get the time or energy! If only there was enough time in the day right? Or if only I could find a different "full time job" that gives me the hours and the pay I need! EEK!

ps. there is nothing better than tacos and a churro on cinco di mayo!

pss. does anyone know how to post videos from youtube on here??