Monday, March 9, 2009

Long Weekend

It was quite an eventful weekend for us. It technically started on Thursday night. Thursday night we had a banquet for the winter sports at Bingham which was pretty much swimming and wrestling. Ryan was one of the assistant coaches for wrestling. We realized that we had been at the same banquets every year together since I was a swimmer and he was a wrestler and we didn't even know it!! Sometimes I wish I could go back and find him just to see how close we really were with out even knowing it! Its always strange to me to go back to the high school. It feels like it has been forever since we were students there. They have done so much remodeling even since we left. But of course they still had the best granny b cookies in the vending machines however I regretfully didn't get one. Maybe next time... :( But we did get candy and went to a movie afterwards.
Ryan & the Bingham wrestling team
My boss let me have Friday off because its been so slow, so we went snowboarding!! I was so excited because I got to use my new board! It was pretty chilly all day because it was snowing most of the time. But the snow was great and I love my board!! We even moved up a mountain. I got carving down and now I just need to work on my speed! We are hoping we can go again this Friday! Next year I need to get a pass cause we have probably gone enough this year that it would have been worth the money. After boarding we went to our friends Jessica & Tonys house and watched the Jazz game. That game was amazing!! We had so much fun :) Its always so nice to spend all day together because there are lots of days that we dont even get to see each other any more. He even had sunday off so we got to spend the whole day with each other then too.


Chelsea said...

i didn't know ryan coaches wrestling at bingham! i have a couple friends on the wrestling team! cool stuff. and you were a swimmer? thats way cool, i didn't know that either!

Shumway Adventures said...

I didn't know that he worked at bingham either. Thats cool! I bet it is weird going back in there. I haven't been there for five years... WOW!