Friday, March 27, 2009

Tax Return!

I did my taxes earlier this week, and since then I have been scheming how I will spend it. The obvious answer might be the wedding... right?? Well I want to do something fun with a little bit of it. Some of it is going to be going to my car. I just had to replace the brake pads and a few other things but how lame is that!? I will probably put some of it towards my wedding dress. But the rest.. what to do what to do?!?!
Well my first thought were...
This would make my ensemble complete! However I cant seem to decide. I found two really cute pairs for a really good price.
I loved these ones: They match my coat and pants and my oh so cute goggles.
Or there are these ones:
These match my bindings and board perfectly.
These ones are about $20 less than the first ones. Its really too bad I am such an indecisive person.
I have also been considering getting the laser lipo thing done. Its called Vela Shape where they can permanently remove fat from those frustrating spots and its actually not all that expensive! Since I have a wedding coming up what better time to get it done?? I still need to go in and get a consultation. We will see!
Clothes would also be another great option. My wardrobe seems to be depleting and is less desirable every day.
I have been budgeting and saving so much lately I'm so excited to let myself spend a little bit of money on something fun.
I'm off work early today!! YAY!

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Lindsay said...

Tax returns are the best. We're using ours to go to Hawaii this year! Yay! I want to get that lipo-thing done to my tummy. Well, after I have all my kids I guess. Good luck with your decision.