Friday, October 30, 2009

Temple Video

Janessa & Ryan at the Salt Lake Temple from Davey Orgill on Vimeo.

I finally figured out the video thing!

Esthetician School

I have been wanting to go to school to become and Esthetician for a few years now. My goal was that when I got my Associates degree I would finally do it, and here I am. For awhile I have had my sights set on Cameo College, but with the new Elase Academy that just opened, I am a little confused. So if any of you by chance know anyone that has attended either of these schools, if you could do me a favor and ask them about their experience and let me know!! It would be GREATLY appreciated. THANK YOU!

Thursday, October 29, 2009


Yesterday, as I drove through our apartment complex, I was noticing how pretty it was with all the fallen orange leaves on the ground. I decided that we needed to get some pictures with the beautiful fall scenery. So I grabbed Ryan and kitty and we went and got a few pictures. We didn't go far or stay out very long cause it was freezing and Dante' was freaking out.
I love self timer!

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Motivation?... Or Not...

Last night as I enjoyed a night home alone, I snuggled up on the couch to watch this:
As I did I ate some of this:
and this:

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


We headed off to Florida the day after our wedding. Our friends Jessica & Tony hooked us up with the trip. We got it for a great price. It was a time share trip and we knew we would have to sit through a time share presentation but were excited nonetheless. Little did we know what we were getting ourselves into!
Us at the airport in SLC!
We wore our hats that we ordered and got alot of attention from them. When we got to Ft. Lauderdale to pick up our rental car the guy gave us a free upgrade and we got to drive this the whole time: Ryan was stoked.
Saturday was the day we had to go to the time share presentation. We drove down to Palm Beach to the resort where it was held. We were told it was only going to be 2 hours, but it ended up being more like 3 1/2 to 4. Our "guide" took us to breakfast and took us for a tour around the property. He knew we weren't going to buy anything so he took his time. He was really cool about it when we told him no, but when his supervisor came over she was horrible! She kept trying to force it on us and wouldn't let up. I wanted to punch her in the face!After the presentation we were allowed to hang out on the resort all day so we went to their private beach for a few hours.
It rains all the time down there it seems. It was so cool, we got to watch a thunder and lighting storm out at sea. Kind of scary though cause it looked like it was coming for us!
The next day we drove down to Miami and found a private beach and played there for awhile.
We drove around Miami exploring for awhile and then headed back to the room. Everyday we were in Ft. Lauderdale we were in our room by 7:30 and just ate a ton of candy and treats and watched TV! It was great!
Monday was the day we went on our cruise! Since this was a time share trip everything was of course bottom line. They told us when we set up the trip that we would have bunk beds in our cabin. Ryan of course embraced it and called top bunk right away. We were kind of hoping however that our hats would help us get a free upgrade. No bueno. But fortunately it wasn't bunk beds just two twins that we pushed together! Anyways, when we checked in they told us that we had to sit through this thing when we got on board for about an hour and we would get free lunch. I don't remember how they worded it exactly but they made it sound like it was just a welcoming lunch. Well to our surprise it was ANOTHER time share presentation!! It ended up taking about 2 hours , again longer than they said. I was so annoyed and upset! No one should have to do this on their honeymoon!! We said no thank you and went on our way and enjoyed the rest of our day.
We decided since it was our honeymoon that we would spoil ourselves a little. We went to a really fancy dinner later that evening. The idea was great... but the food... not so much. Raw salmon with mustard sauce and a goat cheese cake?? Who eats like that?? It was a lovely atmosphere and we had a great view... too bad we both got sea sick and had to leave early. Since they waited 15 minutes between each course we couldn't handle it anymore. So before our salads even came out we asked if we could get it right away. They offered to box it up and we could take it to our room. So that's what we did!! They also made us a cute honeymoon cake that tasted like soap. The only thing we liked about the meal was the filet mignon. I have never had a steak so juicy in my life! We cruised to Nassau Bahamas and we only got to be there for the day. Again we decided to spoil ourselves and pay a little extra to go have full access to the Atlantis Resort. This included their water park. SO MUCH FUN!!! Since September is their off season and we were the only ones from our cruise to go we walked on to pretty much every ride. There was one that shot you straight down through a shark tank. Most of those pics are on my water camera I have yet to develop.
We spent most of the morning there until my nose couldn't handle any more water going up it and my butt couldn't handle any more wedgies.
We then wandered around and looked at their aquariums. They had so many cool fish and other sea creatures.
They had one where there were baby sting rays and hammer head sharks! Cute!
They even had a Manta ray. This thing was HUGE! We had some time after that we headed to the beach for a minute. As soon as we sat down we got bombarded by a local lady selling jewelry that she had made. We felt too bad not to buy..
We had to be back on the boat by 5. I think we might have gotten heat exhaustion cause when we got back to our room we fell asleep till about 8!
Wednesday we got off the boat and headed to Orlando. When we got to our hotel we found out that we had to sit through yet ANOTHER time share presentation. I was furious and ready to kick someones butt. I thought that the one on the cruise ship was going to be the last and that we were going to get to enjoy the rest of our trip. So we went to it on Thursday morning. I went in ready to fight. Then this little old lady comes up and is as sweet as can be. There was no way I could have been rude to her! So we just honestly said, "Look, we are on our honeymoon, we were told we only had to sit through one of these and this is our third, we cant afford to buy a vacation home when we are barley getting by with rent. We don't want to waste either of our time". So she looked at us and said.."Ya know I don't even care. I am retired and do this just to pass the time. So lets go get you some breakfast and get you back on your honeymoon." So we had breakfast and chatted for awhile and then she took us back early.
Then we headed to Universal Studios. It was so humid and hot it was ridiculous! Universal Studios was okay. The one big crazy ride we really wanted to go on closed down as we were walking up to it. Call it dumb luck. We went into one ride and when we came out it was POURING. Everyone was hiding inside, but we just walked right out into it we were so hot. The rain was still pretty warm.
We then headed over to the Island of Adventure. We had alot more fun here. They have lots of fun roller coasters. We realized however that we aren't little kids anymore that we cant handle the crazy twisty rides like we used to. Our heads hurt so bad afterwards.
WE went on this one ride in cartoon town that is like Splash Mountain at Disney World, but this one gets you absolutely SOAKED!!!
My favorite ride was the one that shoots you up really fast. Like the Rocket at Lagoon! We went on it probably 5 times!
We went and ate at Hard Rock after. After attempting to go there for New Years here in Utah and finding out that it had left, it was about time that we got to have it.
The plane ride home seemed longer than the one to get there. We just wanted to be home SO bad. When we got home, my mother came to pick us up and then take us to Ryan's brothers house to get our car. Ryan had Jake (his brother) use it for the week. I now think that was a dumb idea cause this is what we came home to:
No one had tried to mess up the car at our wedding and we thought we were safe! We made the best of it though. Jake was silly enough to leave the keys to his house. So... we had revenge:All in all the trip was fun regardless of the unexpected mishaps and paying more than we were expecting. Now we are just happy to be home starting our new life together. Not to mention even more grateful for these!!!!:

9/17/09- Our Wedding Day

I have been such a slacker. I got our pictures over a week or so ago but I just haven't felt like blogging. (WARNING: This post IS a picture overload. I tried to narrow down to my favorites... but I had ALOT!)
I cant believe that its almost been a month already!! It still feels like it was yesterday! It was the best day EVER. After six months of planning, everything turned out wonderfully. We got sealed in the Salt Lake Temple on September 17Th 2009. The day was beautiful, and unusually hot for mid-September. I think it got up to 80 degrees that day!! We had so many family and friends there supporting us.

My cute family!

My new family!


Here are some of my favorites:

We had our luncheon at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building. It had the best view!! We could see the temple out of one window and the State Capital out the other!

My mom made us some apron/bibs so that we wouldn't get food on us. They were hilarious. As you can tell they look like a bride and groom. She even put padding in mine for the boobies. They kept getting in my way. haha

We had our reception at Heritage Gardens in Sandy. I couldn't have picked a better place.

Groom & Groomsmen:

Chris Liddiard, Jake Moore, Colby Moore, Ryan Moore (Groom), Jordan Neves, and Zach Druce.

Bride & Bridesmaids:

Rachel Liddiard, McKenzie Moore, ME!, Kayla May, Callee Shumway, and Jessica Fronce.

Since Ryans birthday was two days after our wedding, I surprised him with a toast to have everyone at our reception sing him happy birthday. We even got a piece of cheesecake with a candle in it. I dont think he was too mad at me.

Daddy-daughter dance to Always by Bobby Darin.

First dance to Dont Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith. Only the second time I cried all day!

And of course we had to be goofy for a minute during it.

Afterwards we just had dancing! Boy is it hard to line dance in a big poofy dress!!

I couldn't have asked for a better day! Everything went so smoothly and WAY too fast. Thanks to everyone that came to support us and that helped make the day so great!! I tried to post our video but I really am not sure how!
Our friends Ted & Breauna got to be on Utah Bride Blog and I thought it was such a cute idea... so I am going to copy it a little bit!
How we met: We actually went to high school together and graduated the same year but never really knew each other. A mutual friend that didn't even go to our high school suggested that we go out. We both weren't looking for anything serious but decided to hang out anyways. Here we are almost two years later!
Our first date: He picked me up late at night to go see a movie. Sure enough he was in his sweatpants. Some how he got me to tickle his back the ENTIRE movie. He wonders why I don't do that anymore. haha. I think we saw Dan in Real Life.
How he proposed: We went snowboarding one day and as we were coming up to the top of the mountain he suggested that we get a picture. I happily abliged and went to go take off my board as he went to find someone to take our picture. When he came back he bent down to take of his board and thats when he dropped one knee and whooped out the ring. I was so surprised. He did such a good job.
My Vendors:
Dress: Fairy Godmothers Bridal. I would recommend her to anyone. Its a lady that runs it out of her house. She has a very large selection and very good prices! My dress was the second one I tried on.
Bridesmaid Dresses: I just had my bridesmaid find their own dresses and shoes. I got their undershirts at Down East Basics, bracelets at Icing and I made their earrings.
Tuxes: A Tip Top Tux. Also ran out of a someones house. Very good price!!

Flowers: Jessica Miller. She did an amazing job. The flowers were EXACTLY what I wanted.

Rings: Rocky Mountain Diamond Co. Great customer service. They are hidden downtown and you need an appointment to go. They are a wholesaler and dont really sell to the public unless by referral.
Photography & Videography: Pointe Digital Photography. I had a few friends that had used these guys for their wedding and I heard nothing but good things. I love their work and April and Davey were AMAZING to work with. They also made our sign in book.
Cake: Cindy Crump. She works out of Heritage Gardens. Does great work and for a good price!

DJ: Rick Sutter. He was very nice and easy to work with. He does it as a part time job and is very inexpensive.

Hair & Makeup: My dear friend Ashli Paynter! She does hair out of her basement. She does such a great job!! Even though we had a misunderstanding about the time she was supposed to come to my house that morning she was so sweet about it. Love you Ash!

Favors: Delamare Candy. They made customized taffy that had our names and the date on it! Super yummy too!! Vanilla and fruity flavors. We put them in chinese take out boxes, put a sticker on the front and tied a bow on them! So cute!! Not to mention not too expensive!

Thats all for now! Honeymoon post coming soon!