Tuesday, July 28, 2009

A Little Surprise

Last week Ryan called me early in the morning while I was getting ready for work. He had just gotten off of work and said that he was coming over to my house with a surprise. He showed up to my house with this little guy: He stole my heart immediately. I guess Ryan had found him while he was at work and decided to save him and bring him home. He was bones as if he hadnt eaten in a while. He was so friendly and very chatty. My mom wasnt too happy about it since we already have three other cats, the last thing we need is another one. So we decided to let him hang out at our house for a day or two and that we would take him to the shelter if we couldnt find someone to take him. Well... no one seemed to want him and it broke my heart and mothers to think of taking him to a shelter. So after much discussion we have decided to keep him. We only have about a month and a half till Ryan & I get married so he wont be at my parents house for long. He has been such a little sweetheart. But boy he is sure chatty!! So we have started our cute lil family. haha His name is Dante'!


Lindsay said...

How cute! I love his little face on the mauve rug...is he playing with a little stuffed animal? Anyway, that's a dang cute face!

Courtney and Dan Archer said...

Darling!! Sorry we couldn't take him off your hands!! He's absolutely adorable!! I'm SO glad you guys were able to keep him. I'm sure he's SO grateful to have a new mommy and daddy to take care of him. :)

Kimberlie and Julian said...

So cute!! You guys are starting a little family :)