Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Lil Miss Crafty Pants

I have been having a really hard time not focusing on the wedding planning. So I decided that I wasn't going to worry about some of the big stuff for a little bit and just play around with some of the little details. I have been in such a crafty mood the last little while. I decided I wanted to decorate the picture frames that go on the tables, and also I wanted to make my bridesmaids jewelry. I have decorated alot of picture frames before and I love it! I have never made earrings before though so it was more of an experiment. I think they turned out pretty cute!
My sweet little mother bought me this table the other day and I just love it. Its adjustable so I can use it while I'm sitting on the floor scrap booking and it makes it so I don't have to hunch over! If you want one cause I know you do they are at Big Lots :) We are still working on my veil. It took some hard looking and just plain luck to find the comb piece that goes in your hair and now we are on the search for some cord to trim the bottom of it. Everything we find seems to be too big. Oh well... I still have 5 months and 17 days to get it done. haha
Today the funniest thing happened. I was at Office Max and as I walked up to the counter the young girl that was working behind it looks at me and says sounding very shocked.. "YOUR MARRIED??" I correct her and said "engaged" and then she asks how old I was. I guess she thought I looked much younger than 21 ALMOST 22. hahaha I'm used to this when I'm wearing flat shoes cause I'm pretty short... but I was wearing heels!!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Tax Return!

I did my taxes earlier this week, and since then I have been scheming how I will spend it. The obvious answer might be the wedding... right?? Well I want to do something fun with a little bit of it. Some of it is going to be going to my car. I just had to replace the brake pads and a few other things but how lame is that!? I will probably put some of it towards my wedding dress. But the rest.. what to do what to do?!?!
Well my first thought were...
This would make my ensemble complete! However I cant seem to decide. I found two really cute pairs for a really good price.
I loved these ones: They match my coat and pants and my oh so cute goggles.
Or there are these ones:
These match my bindings and board perfectly.
These ones are about $20 less than the first ones. Its really too bad I am such an indecisive person.
I have also been considering getting the laser lipo thing done. Its called Vela Shape where they can permanently remove fat from those frustrating spots and its actually not all that expensive! Since I have a wedding coming up what better time to get it done?? I still need to go in and get a consultation. We will see!
Clothes would also be another great option. My wardrobe seems to be depleting and is less desirable every day.
I have been budgeting and saving so much lately I'm so excited to let myself spend a little bit of money on something fun.
I'm off work early today!! YAY!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I will follow you into the dark.

Love of mine some day you will die
But I'll be close behind
I'll follow you into the dark
No blinding light or tunnels to gates of white
Just our hands clasped so tight
Waiting for the hint of a spark
If Heaven and Hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the NOs on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark
You and me have seen everything to see
From Bangkok to Calgary
And the soles of your shoes are all worn down
The time for sleep is now
It's nothing to cry about'cause we'll hold each other soon
In the blackest of rooms
If Heaven and Hell decide
That they both are satisfied
Illuminate the No's on their vacancy signs
If there's no one beside you
When your soul embarks
Then I'll follow you into the dark.
Ryan and I have been thinking of all the songs we want played at our wedding or on our wedding video. He brought this song more closely to my attention. I love Death Cab and have heard this song many a time, but never really listened that closely to it. Its actually a really cute love song and has won me over in a whole new way. It will be going on our wedding video for sure now.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Cheeseburger Mac

I probably blog WAY too much... which is probably a result of my endless hours of boredom at work and all the things on my mind. But I keep getting comments.. so at least someone is listening!!
I probably will be saying this alot between now and my wedding.. but thanks to all of you who have been so supportive and willing to help with this wedding stuff. I know not alot has really happened yet... but right from the get go I have had so many people offer to help if I ever need it. Some of you I have taken advantage of already but it all is so appreciated!! I am so glad I have wonderful friends like you!!!
I know its still WAY too early to be loosing sleep over things but this last weekend I had the hardest time sleeping! I just feel like I need to hurry and get everything done!! And Ill think of something in the middle of the night and my mind wont stop racing. I know I really don't need to or else I'll be sitting around for 3 months waiting for my wedding to come with nothing to do. I just hate not knowing what I'm going to do. I kinda always had a general idea of how I wanted it to go, but once the money factor came in it got a little more complicated. I'm sure we will figure it all out in time.
Spring break is over and back to school I go. :S Just one week of not having any school reminded me why I took soo many breaks off before. I found out today that a paper I had to write for my online class was actually due TODAY instead of last Monday. Ug..... and I rushed to make sure it was in on time! Definitely not one of the best papers I have written and it would have been nice to have that extra week to make it better... oh well. Next week for my communications class I have to do a presentation on something about myself... You think it would be easy right? Well.. I'm not all that exciting of a person. With the wedding on the brain I thought about doing something with that but I'm sure it would just put every one to sleep. At least it only has to be five minutes. Only 6 weeks more to go.... then summer semester! Ug. I'm still trying to decide on that.. I have three more classes left till my associates. I'm not sure if I want to hurry and get them all done this summer or just do one or two and wait till fall to finish the rest. I just don't want to overload my plate while planning a wedding. And if I wait till fall I will be gone for about a week at the beginning of the semester for a honeymoon! Any advice on this?? I cant take any more breaks, its taken me long enough for me to get this far.
Not only are we back to school this week, but why did it have to snow?? It was getting so nice outside... (sigh).
Twilight came out on Saturday. There were surprisingly a TON when Jessica and I got around to going. Watching it for the third time, I have realized that I have to laugh my way through it because it is so cheesy. It was great the first time... and I still like it... but it just gets more cheesy the more I watch it. The book were absolutely fantastic and the movie just couldn't live up to the book completely. Kristen Stewart bothers me so bad. Every interview I have seen her in she is a complete brat. So she kinda ruins the movie for me a little bit. Ryan has been trying to get me to read Harry Potter but I have been having a hard time with it. I have seen all the movies so I already know what happens and what is going on. But now that I think of it like Twilight, maybe I should humor him and push through it. It would give me something else to do at work... haha.

Friday, March 20, 2009

5 months & 28 days

Yes.. I am counting down. 5 months and 28 days till my happily ever after really begins!! Call me a little over eager... but I have already got a great start on planning. I know I have been "officially" engaged for a week but so far the temple is booked, the reception center is reserved, photography and videography is booked, and as of last night I have my dress!!!! First place I went and second dress I tried on. It is absolutely beautiful. It seriously took my breath away. I wish I could post pics of it but I cant let Ryan see it!!! If you want to see it though let me know and I can email some pictures to you. But I must say... much like my ring.. pictures does not do it justice. The place we went is called fairy godmother. Its just a lady that does it out of her house. She had lots of selection and the personal help was wonderful. But every other dress that I tried on after mine just didn't compare in the least. I am so excited to wear it!! And another thing that is great... its was a size 2!!!! But this means I better not gain anything these next 6 months or else I will have problems. haha
Although I have checked a big thing off my list... it creates a few more things that I need to check off. Now I need to figure out my jewelry, veil, boustier, hoop skirt, and of course my shoes. My mother and I are going to try to make my veil... how hard could this be??? We will have to see how it goes. I am also considering decorating my own shoes... but they are going to have to live up to my dress... which might be difficult. If anyone knows of someone who has a hoop skirt that goes under the dress that makes it more poofy or knows of a place to get a boustier at a good price PLEASE let me know. :) We got a really good deal on my dress but its always nice saving money on these little things.
My next obstacle is going to be floral. I have been looking around, but I am totally open to suggestions. If you know of someone that does flowers at a good price this information would be appreciated!!
I'm really hoping that the time to my wedding will fly. I am WAY too excited.

Friday, March 13, 2009

It's Official!!!!!!

We had been planning to go snowboarding today for a week or so and the day could not have been better. No clouds in the sky and it was warm. I honestly had no idea he was going to propose. Of course I always had the thought in the back of my head that he was going to do it soon but I didn't think it would happen TODAY! He totally through me off. Alot of our friends have been getting engaged lately and I have kinda been throwing a pity party for myself because I felt like my turn was long over due and Ryan kept apologizing for not being able to yet because he supposedly was broke. But little to my knowledge he has had the ring for week.
We went really early and got up to Canyons right as it opened. Although we were both pretty tired from not getting much sleep the night before we were both happy and excited to hit the slopes. We went on a few warm up runs and on our third run Ryan said that we should get a picture when we got to the top of us with our snowboards with the mountains behind us. When we got to the top he told me to go take off my board while he went to find someone to take our picture. So he went and grabbed this sweet little lady and he scooted back over to me on his board and bent down like he was going to take off his board and then goes down on one knee. Then he looks up at me and starts to say, "Janessa, I love you so much and I....". This is where I started freaking out and saying, "WHAT ARE YOU DOING WHAT ARE YOU DOING OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH!!!". He looks at me and continues on with, "I have been wanting to do this for a really long time and I cant wait to spend the rest of my life with you.... will you marry me???" and while he is doing this I am literally hysterical. Laughing and crying and completely speechless!!! I threw my board and my gloves down (thankfully my board didn't slide down the mountain) and went down to his level and hugged him. He had to ask me twice because I couldn't say anything I was so excited! It was so surreal. It felt like I was being hit by a truck. I couldn't even believe it was happening!!! We only went on two more runs because we were both so excited to tell everyone.
My ring is so beautiful. Pictures don't even do it justice. But I knew people would want to see it. So here it is!! Its a tension hold in white gold and the diamond is .85 carats. He did such a good job. Thank you so much baby. YOU ARE DA BEST!!! I LOVE YOU!!
I have always been able to figure out his surprises before they happen. And Ill admit there were a few things that kinda made me wonder today but I didn't think much into them. For example he was so adimate on going boarding today. He only got like 3 hours of sleep at work last night which is a reason why we went so early so that he wouldn't fall asleep when he got home this morning. Second example was when we got up to the mountain and was putting on our gear he asked me before I even had my gear on where my camera was. I am usually the one that is worried about having a camera.. so I thought that was a little strange but didn't think too much into it. But it all makes sense now! I don't think it could have gone any better. Its still so surreal to me!! AH!!!!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


When I sit for too long without anything to do I think too much. Work has been so slow lately so this happens quite a bit. I try to do my homework when I don't have anything else to do but I just feel unmotivated. I hate my online class. Its English 1050 and we talk about the most random stuff and my teacher makes us write papers on the most pointless things. Its frustrating because I am not good at BS'ing. It feels like there is always something due, whether its a discussion, a response to a discussion, or a paper. Thankfully its almost over and at least it takes care of two credits instead of one. My other class is pretty pointless too... its more like social hour and alot of the kids in that class drive me nuts. They are all very loud and obnoxious and Im about to punch anyone of them in the face one of these days... Somehow I am not doing very great in this class. The last assignment we did I only got half credit and all we had to do was turn in a resume! My dad thought it was good but my teacher thought differently. Now I'm self conscious about my resume! ug...
I often wonder if coming back to my office manager job was a step backwards in my life. I was actually thinking that "office manager" might even be a glorified title. I help with payroll and stuff... but I don't have all the responsibility for it. I really just do alot of filing, errand running, opening and entering the mail, and answering the phones, along with cleaning the office when needed. I feel like I am capable of so much more. I love having responsibilities. I really enjoy the flexibility and that my boss is like a buddy, but I don't feel like I'm at my full potential. Before Travis hired be back on here, I had the opportunity to be a administrative assistant for Verizon Wireless as a temporary job. I would have been paid $15 an hour!! where as now I am only getting paid a dollar more than I was when I was here almost 2 years ago and not to mention my hours have been cut! At that time I felt like it was a better choice to choose the job that was going to be more long term rather than temporary, but I often wonder what might have came from that short experience. If I might have been able to find a job with ALOT more responsibility and pay.... Who knows. But I hate living my life off of "what ifs". But the lesson learned might be that sometimes I need to take chances instead of the safe way out.
I am just antsy to get things done and move on to bigger and better. There are SO many things I want to do with my life and not much of it is happening at the rate I would like it too. I have been wanting to go to Esthetics school for a few years now... but have yet to actually go. The plan is to go once I get my Associates degree which should be by the end of this summer. I am working on finishing my Associates degree, yes, but I should have been done already if I hadn't taken so many breaks. And not to mention Esthetic school is on the pricey side. I want to start getting into my photography and actually get my own camera! I would love to take a photo class at school but you usually have to have your own camera... but they are expensive. I really would love to teach kick boxing or teach tumbling to little kids... I don't know why I haven't pursued
these more. My own fault I suppose.
I just hate being unproductive. And I have just been feeling this way the last little while since my hours at work have been cut, and then my evenings aren't that eventful, especially if Ryan is working. Life of a grown up I suppose. Thanks for listening (or reading) to my whining. :) I'm probably just thinking too much.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Long Weekend

It was quite an eventful weekend for us. It technically started on Thursday night. Thursday night we had a banquet for the winter sports at Bingham which was pretty much swimming and wrestling. Ryan was one of the assistant coaches for wrestling. We realized that we had been at the same banquets every year together since I was a swimmer and he was a wrestler and we didn't even know it!! Sometimes I wish I could go back and find him just to see how close we really were with out even knowing it! Its always strange to me to go back to the high school. It feels like it has been forever since we were students there. They have done so much remodeling even since we left. But of course they still had the best granny b cookies in the vending machines however I regretfully didn't get one. Maybe next time... :( But we did get candy and went to a movie afterwards.
Ryan & the Bingham wrestling team
My boss let me have Friday off because its been so slow, so we went snowboarding!! I was so excited because I got to use my new board! It was pretty chilly all day because it was snowing most of the time. But the snow was great and I love my board!! We even moved up a mountain. I got carving down and now I just need to work on my speed! We are hoping we can go again this Friday! Next year I need to get a pass cause we have probably gone enough this year that it would have been worth the money. After boarding we went to our friends Jessica & Tonys house and watched the Jazz game. That game was amazing!! We had so much fun :) Its always so nice to spend all day together because there are lots of days that we dont even get to see each other any more. He even had sunday off so we got to spend the whole day with each other then too.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things That Drive Me Nuts

I had a few experiences this week that really brought these to mind. So I thought I would share!!
1. When people call you and ask for someone you have never heard of and you tell them they have the wrong number and then they ask YOU what number THEY called. Obviously you called my number because I'm talking to you... so I don't know what to tell ya..
2. I am the most outraged driver. This one could drag on for a minute. But most of all is when people forget to turn off their blinker... everyone else approaches them with caution because who knows when a sudden lane change may occur?? This also goes along with the people that start turning a mile before they need to...
3. Unorganization.
4. When someone eats the last of your food without asking. How annoying is that to be looking forward to the last cookie or your left overs from the night before and come to find that it has been eaten?! Its even more annoying if they leave the empty container.
5. Words that sound the same spelled wrong... Okay we learned this in elementary people....
to/too/two, weak/week, there/their.
6. When black and brown are worn together. These colors are great separately but just not together.
7. Those people that drive the REALLY loud diesel trucks.... there needs to be a law against those. They always startle me and I HATE being startled.
8. Hidden agendas. I have really started noticing this alot lately. Most people always have one. Sad but true... think about every guy that ever claimed to just be your friend that eventually tried to kiss you at one point... Just one example.
9. When people call and leave you a message and say their number at super warp speed so you have to listen to the message 4 or 5 times just to get the whole number.
10. Parents that let their children run ravenous in public.
11. Short responses. It always makes you feel like the person you are talking to is mad at your for some reason....
12. People who say they want to get to know you so you start asking them questions but they fail to ask in return.
13. When people come and sit right in front of you in a movie theatre even though there are PLENTY of available seats every where else and you had your feet comfortably propped. This is huge when you have short legs and the seat in front of you is much easier to reach than the floor.
14. Bad lighting in restaurants. I like to be able to see what I'm eating.
15. Calling someone and leaving them a voicemail and in response they don't call you back, they text you.
16. Texting talk. I'm okay with lol and jk or brb. but when every single word is shortened... it doesn't take that much effort to spell out these words...
17. People who live in the United States and don't know a lick of English. Call me a racist if you will but this should be a requirement for immigrants. Ryan and I went to Cafe Rio the other night and a gentleman that didn't speak English helped us... or tried to... and I ask specifically for just cheese and chips on my oh so delicious pork salad... right afterwards he continued to put EVERYTHING on it. It seriously took like 5 minutes before someone that spoke English finally came over to really help us.
18. College students that still do not know proper grammar, punctuation or capitalization. I'm taking an online class this semester and realized most college students (at SLCC at least) aren't that smart. We are in college for goodness sake!!
19. People who stand in your range of vision while watching a movie or TV. Its distracting to me so sit the hell down!!
20. Live recorded music. Besides "Hotel California" by The Eagles, the audience is quite annoying. I would like to be able to listen to the song... not the audience applauding and screaming every few seconds.
21. People who only buy brand name clothing and base their self worth off of it. A shirt is a shirt and jeans are jeans... if they fit right and its cute... then who cares who's name is on it.
22. Medical & CSI shows on TV. Aren't they a little over done?? And how could it possibly be that there are THAT many strange cases?? Scrubs & Greys are my exception because they are more based on the people that work in the hospitals.
23. When people turn everything you say into a sexual innuendo.
24. When people get a new car every few months. I believe that these people are just never satisfied and really in debt. ha ha
25. When someone invites you to something and you decline and they keep bugging you about it like your excuse isn't valid enough for them. I just don't want to okay? Now drop it.
Im just going to stop here before I get carried away.. haha.

The Bachelor Rant!

Where do I even begin?!?!?! I have never really watched these types of shows for one reason or another, but these season my best friend Jessica got me curious so I started watching it. I didn't start watching at the beginning but I don't think I missed anything too important. But right away I was quite intrigued just to find out who he will end up with. However addicting this show is... I actually kind of dislike and don't quite grasp the concept of it. I do not know how any one could do a show like this... ya ya to find love... but how can you really get to know and fall in love with someone in that way?? They don't even get to spend much time together until later on in the show when there are only a few people, but even then its not that much. And I don't know how anyone would be okay with knowing that he is out making out and telling all these other girls that they are "the most amazing woman he has ever met". I would be so annoyed. Its interesting to me that the girls are extremely friendly to each other at the house. That would just be so weird to me to hear all this stuff about the guy I'm dating and potentially falling in love with from other girls. WEIRD!!
I honestly do not know why they have the ultimate goal be a proposal. Although I have not watch any other seasons, I have heard that the majority of these relationships don't last. I don't understand why it has to go straight to that. I mean marriage is a HUGE deal and its a HUGE decision. I don't know how either of the people could know each other well enough by that point to feel confident to become that committed to each other. Pretty much their whole relationship has been on TV up to that point.. how could you know how they are going to be once the cameras aren't around and you don't have the whole world watching???? Why not just have the end result just be the girl who he wants as his girlfriend and maybe one day a proposal?? That probably wouldnt be as fun to watch but it would make more sense. Another thing that drove me up the wall is that they kept saying he was in love with these two different women. I dont believe that that is possible. I mean he could care greatly about both, yes, but be in LOVE with them??? Um no probably not...
There were quite a few interesting girls on this season. I absolutely loved Melissa. She is such a sweetheart. I was hoping the whole time that he would pick her and I was estatic when he proposed!!! I even teared up and got goosebumps... (I'm such a cry baby.. ha ha). I never really liked Molly. She always just seemed off to me and a little scandalous. She just rubbed me the wrong way. When Jason told her that he had to let her go and she started shaking her head and telling him that he was making a huge mistake that pissed me off so bad. I feel for her because that would SUCK to be in that position... but if the man I loved told me he would be happier with someone else, I would wish him well and respect his decision. I believe thats what someone in love would want.... just for the person they love to be happy, no matter what that means.
I liked Jason all the way up until the After the Final Rose episode. I was FURIOUS when he said he wanted to break up with Melissa. He is a complete idiot. Sweet little Melissa made some very good points and I thought it was funny that Jason didnt have anything good to say in response. I mean if you honestly love someone.. or supposedly love someone... and you were having problems... wouldnt you want to try and work through it?!?!?!?! He is such a traitor for giving up that quickly and just dropping her like that. I wouldnt be so mad at him had he atleast TRIED to make things better... but instead he just gives up and wants what he cant have. Im curoius to see what happens with Molly and if he just gets sick of her too.

Here is Chris Harrisons (the host) blog and his thoughts about the whole thing: