Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Things That Drive Me Nuts

I had a few experiences this week that really brought these to mind. So I thought I would share!!
1. When people call you and ask for someone you have never heard of and you tell them they have the wrong number and then they ask YOU what number THEY called. Obviously you called my number because I'm talking to you... so I don't know what to tell ya..
2. I am the most outraged driver. This one could drag on for a minute. But most of all is when people forget to turn off their blinker... everyone else approaches them with caution because who knows when a sudden lane change may occur?? This also goes along with the people that start turning a mile before they need to...
3. Unorganization.
4. When someone eats the last of your food without asking. How annoying is that to be looking forward to the last cookie or your left overs from the night before and come to find that it has been eaten?! Its even more annoying if they leave the empty container.
5. Words that sound the same spelled wrong... Okay we learned this in elementary people....
to/too/two, weak/week, there/their.
6. When black and brown are worn together. These colors are great separately but just not together.
7. Those people that drive the REALLY loud diesel trucks.... there needs to be a law against those. They always startle me and I HATE being startled.
8. Hidden agendas. I have really started noticing this alot lately. Most people always have one. Sad but true... think about every guy that ever claimed to just be your friend that eventually tried to kiss you at one point... Just one example.
9. When people call and leave you a message and say their number at super warp speed so you have to listen to the message 4 or 5 times just to get the whole number.
10. Parents that let their children run ravenous in public.
11. Short responses. It always makes you feel like the person you are talking to is mad at your for some reason....
12. People who say they want to get to know you so you start asking them questions but they fail to ask in return.
13. When people come and sit right in front of you in a movie theatre even though there are PLENTY of available seats every where else and you had your feet comfortably propped. This is huge when you have short legs and the seat in front of you is much easier to reach than the floor.
14. Bad lighting in restaurants. I like to be able to see what I'm eating.
15. Calling someone and leaving them a voicemail and in response they don't call you back, they text you.
16. Texting talk. I'm okay with lol and jk or brb. but when every single word is shortened... it doesn't take that much effort to spell out these words...
17. People who live in the United States and don't know a lick of English. Call me a racist if you will but this should be a requirement for immigrants. Ryan and I went to Cafe Rio the other night and a gentleman that didn't speak English helped us... or tried to... and I ask specifically for just cheese and chips on my oh so delicious pork salad... right afterwards he continued to put EVERYTHING on it. It seriously took like 5 minutes before someone that spoke English finally came over to really help us.
18. College students that still do not know proper grammar, punctuation or capitalization. I'm taking an online class this semester and realized most college students (at SLCC at least) aren't that smart. We are in college for goodness sake!!
19. People who stand in your range of vision while watching a movie or TV. Its distracting to me so sit the hell down!!
20. Live recorded music. Besides "Hotel California" by The Eagles, the audience is quite annoying. I would like to be able to listen to the song... not the audience applauding and screaming every few seconds.
21. People who only buy brand name clothing and base their self worth off of it. A shirt is a shirt and jeans are jeans... if they fit right and its cute... then who cares who's name is on it.
22. Medical & CSI shows on TV. Aren't they a little over done?? And how could it possibly be that there are THAT many strange cases?? Scrubs & Greys are my exception because they are more based on the people that work in the hospitals.
23. When people turn everything you say into a sexual innuendo.
24. When people get a new car every few months. I believe that these people are just never satisfied and really in debt. ha ha
25. When someone invites you to something and you decline and they keep bugging you about it like your excuse isn't valid enough for them. I just don't want to okay? Now drop it.
Im just going to stop here before I get carried away.. haha.


Chelsea said...

That is a fantastic list of annoyances. Almost every single one of those bothers me too! And ya know what else gets me? When you’re doing long division in math and you’re left with a remainder. Haha I just hate remainders.

Shumway Adventures said...

OH my gosh, I agree with you on so many of these things! This made me laugh so bad. Thanks for giving me a nice laugh!!

Lindsay said...

Haha! That is awesome! I hope you feel better now that you got all that off your chest. I agree with lots of that!

Marley said...

Oh Ness!! You crack me up! I love you! :D

Jessica Fronce said...

I agree with pretty much every single statement you made! We are one in the same my dear! :)