Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hit and Run

This is a picture of my parents wall in the front of their house after a drunk driver ran into it at 3 o'clock in the morning on Sunday. The driver left the car, stupid kid... like they wouldnt be able to find him. He had hit it pretty hard because the car had alot of damage, the windshield was cracked from him hitting his head and the air bag went off. My mom said that it sounded like an explosion! Unfortunately the stupid kid doesnt have insurance so my parents are going to have to find other means of fixing it. Moral of the story... dont drink and drive and not expect to pay the consequences.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Last week Ryan, Jake(Ryan's brother) and I went down to Arizona or (Arisnona as lils would say) to visit their other brother Colby. The day we left it was freezing cold and snowing. So I was pretty anxious to leave. The drive down was pretty quick. We stopped at the Glen Canyon Damn in Lake Powell. I would have been happy if we had just stayed there all week.
Also on our way down we drove past a farm (surprise surprise) and the sprinklers were on but because it was so cold it had frozen to the wheels and the grass was covered with icy snow. It was so cool looking we had to go back and take a picture.

11 hours later we were in Arizona in 80 degree weather! We didn't really do much but it felt like we kept pretty busy. We laid out by the pool and enjoyed much eating out, and going out on the town. Much needed R&R!! I love Arizona... but even in the fall it got up to 95 degrees one day. But I absolutely loved the palm trees :)
The three Moore boys left to right: Ryan, Colby and Jake
In front of Colby's house. I had to get a picture with the palm trees!
We decided that on the trip back home we would go to Vegas for a night and then do the rest of the drive home the next day. I have never really been to Vegas, and they wanted to take me to ride the rides. So we got to Vegas Thursday evening. When we got there we realized that we should have booked a hotel before actually got there. So we drove around for about an hour trying to find a hotel that had a room that was somewhat cheap. We ended up at the Palace Station. $30 bucks for a night isn't too shabby!
So we grabbed some food, changed and hit the strip. We started at the New Yorker and planned to walk our down to the Stratosphere and check out other things along the way. The New Yorker was fun... but $13 bucks to ride it, that's just crazy. We went and checked out the Coyote Ugly bar... from the outside. The line was so long.
Then we went down and checked out the Bellagio water show, it was so pretty! That's were we met the brown version on Elvis. By this time it was midnight and the Stratoshpere closed at 12:45. So we started booking down the strip so that we could make it before it closed because supposedly its much more fun to ride at night. Jake thought that we would be able to make it on foot so we didn't get a cab. The strip is much longer than it looks and in heels it only makes it worse. We were practically jogging once we past Treasure Island. By the time we reached Circus Circus I was getting blisters on the bottoms of my heals I could barley walk. So Jake and Ryan took turns giving me a piggy back rides. We got there at exactly 12:46. So we barley didn't make it. We all felt defeated and collapsed on the floor in front of desk for about 15 minutes we were so tired.
We still got up the next morning and rode it. Once again $15 bucks for a 10 second ride.. hardly worth it. But now I can say that I have ridden it. Then we went and gorged at the World Buffet at the Rio. It was huge and they had food from every culture! I'm still trying to digest all that food. haha

The 411

So I finally did it!! Jumped on the band wagon and started a blog!! Its kinda confusing but pretty fun :). I am glad that I am doing this now because I feel it is a much better way to keep updated on friends and family.
Life has been a little crazy the last few months for me. I had the oppurtunity to become a personal trainer which unfortunatley didnt work out. I didnt have any clients so therefore was not making any money, also turns out that it is much more about sales than anything else. Once I quit I was on the search for a job for about a month before I was offered anything. I am now back doing office work for a home services company. Its not exactly what I want to be doing but atleast I am getting a paycheck. I am currently living with some friends downtown and will most likely be moving back to my parents to save money and get back on my feet. It sure is humbling going through trails like these... but I have learned so much about myself.
I am dating a wonderful man. His name is Ryan Moore. We actually went to high school together but never really knew each other. We were set up by a mutal friend November of last year and clicked right away, even though he wore sweats to our first date... haha. He is currently working for Gold Cross Ambulance as an EMT and he wants to become a firefighter. He treats me almost too good. He is the man of my dreams and I am so grateful to have him in my life. There has been talk about marriage but Ill have to keep you posted on that!!