Monday, November 23, 2009

Happiness Is Only Real When Shared

I got a cold just in time for the weekend. But I didn't let it slow me down... much.
Thursday I went with some darling friends to the midnight showing of New Moon! Midnight is a little late for me nowadays but I figured I could handle staying up that late every once in awhile. And I think this was a good reason to. We went to Olive Garden for dinner before the movie. You would not believe how many women there were in that restaurant. I'm pretty sure 90% of the people in that restaurant were women either going to see New Moon or had just seen it.
Then of course we had to go wait in line for about an hour to be seated. We got pretty good seats!
The movie was great. I think I need to reread the books because I had a hard time remembering everything. But I think they did a much better job on this movie than the first. So excited for the next one! I heard it will be coming in June?? I didn't get home till about 3:30a.m. I don't think that helped much with my cold.
Friday I woke up and felt like death. So I called in sick, slept till about noon, then ran errands, and did a little decoration shopping for our apartment. As much as we both wouldn't want to admit this any other year, after going to all the stores and shops that have all this Christmas stuff up and Christmas music playing it actually got us in the Christmas spirit!! We normally wouldn't get into Christmas till after Thanksgiving. We like to take one holiday at a time. I am so stoked to have our own Christmas tree this year!
One of our walls in our front room has looked so plain so we finally made it look cute. We got the ribbon frames at Tai Pan for $30! I love that place. I will be going there for my Christmas decorations!
Saturday night we got together with Callee & Duncan. We went down to the Gateway to see the Lighting of the Lights. Ryan & I both weren't sure what it was. Ryan actually thought that it was the Temple Square lights. But KSL puts on this program every year I guess. They have musical guests, free cocoa and they light up a huge Christmas tree in the middle of the Olympic Square.
Sitting out in the cold for an hour or two probably didn't help my cold, but it was nice to get out and do something festive with good friends.
As much as being sick isn't EVER fun, having a sweet hubby take care of you all weekend sure is nice. Yesterday I didn't even leave the house I felt so awful. Good thing we have quite the movie collection to keep me entertained!! We finally got a table yesterday! Our friends let us have their old one for free! Kitty seems to like to too. lol Now we can have people over for dinner and actually have a table instead of tacky TV trays!
So last night I was woken up by a strange sound in our bathroom. Kitty usually gets really hyper at night so I figured he was doing something obnoxious as usual. When I walked into the bathroom our toilet was spitting out bubbles!!! We were both too tired to think to get a picture but this is kinda what it looked like. I don't know how this could have happened?? Any ideas?? I accidentally had thrown a baby wipe in there earlier that day and we thought it might have been that... but isn't that funny??


Lindsay said...

Fun pictures! I'm glad you loved New Moon too - so fun! I'm sorry you've been sick - that's crappy! Feel better soon!

Jessica Fronce said...

Hey! TV trays aren't tacky! ;)

Brittany and Dallin said...

That is so funny Ness! Love it. I'm completely jealous you got to see Callee. Haven't seen that girl in forever. We should all get together sometime! Love your picture frames!!

Jacquie Lyn said...

what the flippin heck!? it's a soapy toilet snake! remarkable!

Jonathan and Krysten Olson said...

Cute wall pics, I love stuff like that...the toilet is hilarious...the table is darling...and New Moon is amazing!