Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Every end has a new beginning.

Its amazing how quickly things in life can change. Since being married Ryan & I have both had a reality check and have been thinking more than ever about our future.
Ryan has recently realized that firefighting might not be for him. Since we have been married having him gone days at a time has been quite the adjustment for both of us. He is still in the process of exploring other career ideas, but physical therapy seems to be tickling his fancy.
I FINALLY am enrolled for esthetician school at Elase Academy. I start in January and I am so stoked. I have been wanting to do this for years now and its exciting to finally going through with it. I will be going part time so it will take me about 15 months to complete. Its going to be a bit of a sacrifice but it will be worth it! I will be needing some people to practice on so if you want a service done for cheap and help out a friend let me know!
Ryan and I both got new jobs within the last week. They both kind of fell right into our laps. I got a job as a receptionist at a mortgage company right across the street from our apartment! Although its the same pay I am getting now, there is an opportunity to advance to a loan processor and many other pros that I couldn't turn down. (Thanks Jess for referring me :)
Ryan was offered a job yesterday at T-Mobile. It will be a change for him from an EMT to a sales guy, but once again it was too good to turn down. Not only will he have the opportunity to make more money, he will be home every night!
p.s. New moon tomorrow!! Whose excited?!?!?! :)


Lindsay said...

Yay!!!! New Moon!!! I'm excited!!! And that's awesome about Elase - you will be amazing. Maybe someday you can fix my zit-face. Congrats on the two new jobs - that's awesome too! Very exciting!

Brittany and Dallin said...

Life always turns out the way it needs to! Good luck at school in January! You will be great at that!

Lindsie said...

Yay! You got the job! Congrats!:)

Rose said...

I was organizing my closet yesterday and looking at old pictures and reading my diary from when Kyle and I were first married and wow, have we come far!It takes a few years!( And I'm talking finance-wise and relationship-wise!) You will grow together and you'll look back and laugh about the things you are going through right now. It takes times like these to grow into your potential as husband and wife (a family) Good luck with school and your new jobs!

Jacquie Lyn said...

Even though I've read this a few days late, and we talked on Thursday, I'm so happy for you and Ryan and that you both are starting new jobs and happy about it :) And New Moon was soo fun and soo good :D love you lots!