Friday, November 6, 2009

Craft Night

Last night after a delectable dinner at the Olive Garden, my mom and I went home and made these:They were easy to make and they turned out so cute! I really want to make some for every holiday.
I am making a list of crafts I want to do on my nights I have husband-free. Anyone have any good ideas?? If anyone ever wants to join feel free!
I found these online today: They will make cute ornaments. The instructions can be found here.
Happy Friday everyone!! Have a good weekend!
I am really glad that we are friends.
Love you!!


Jessica Fronce said...

I love you too Nessa! You are my favorite! And thank you so much for lunch today. I will totally be your craft buddy whenever you want! :)

Jacquie Lyn said...

You MADE that darling "give thanks" decoration? How would I, say, get you to make me one. Or even, hmm, have you teach me?! Where did you make those? ABSOLUTELY ADORABLE!! I love it good work sugar booger.

Jamie and Lauren said...

Those are so cute! Jamie works nights right now so if you do them again in an evening I want to come!!

Lindsay said...

Those blocks are SO cute! Nice work! And I agree - Happy Birthday to Jess!

Anonymous said...

Ness, I am husbandless every single weekend until January! For sure give me a call and we can have a craft night! Seriously, call me!

Anonymous said...

Hey Nessa! Okay I have one in Black, Royal purple, Red, or a chiffon white. Let me know which one you would like! Facebook me you address and I will swing one by tomorrow!

Ben and Ashli Paynter said...

Oh my gosh so freaking cute! Thanks for the sweet thank you note. You are so cute. Ben is going to be out of town this Friday I don't know if Ryan works but if you want to get together we could totally make a craft together!

Anonymous said...

I have made those snowflakes before! They are super cute when they are done!