Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Annual Haircut

Usually Ryan only cuts his hair once a year. Before the wedding we trimmed it cause it wanted it long, but now that the wedding is over he just wants to do it the easy way. So last night we just shaved it! It was kinda fun!
Quite a change right?!? I think he looks good both ways.
P.s. He actually was happy when we were done.


Jessica Fronce said...

Holy Cow! What a dramatic hair cut! I like it! :) You could have donated his hair he had so much.

Lindsay said...

Wow, he really does look like two different guys! Sweet haircut!

Jamie and Lauren said...

I cant believe how different he looks! Might be the way he is smiling, but he looks alot older with a shaved head! Hope you guys are doing well- post some pictures of your new place!

Alli said...

Ha! He looks totally different! Ty actually did that this summer too, he was just sick of it long and it was hot, so he said just shave it...I wish I could say that!

P.S. Ty and I were just talking, and we think we should all hang out. Maybe even get a group of us together like Jon & Krysten & Chris & Rachel and go to dinner or something?!

Lindsie said...

Oh my gosh! Now I know what you girls were talking about last night....he does look totally different! :)