Sunday, August 2, 2009


As of yesterday we are officially registered at:
It was quite an experience! We went in with a plan of attack. We wanted to start at one side and work our way around the store in a fashionable manner. Well, we did that the first time through, but then we walked around the store about 12 more times going back and forth between departments making sure we got everything. By the end we were so tired of it that we would just scan anything we liked. Now that its over I'm excited to see what we get! I'm not expecting much, except for this. This was one of my favorite things in the whole store and I REALLY hope someone gets it for me. haha If not Im going back and buying it myself!
Its a cook book on how to decorate cupcakes! I absolutely love cupcakes and LOVE baking. This would be so much fun to do! It took some coercion to get Ryan to let me register for it. haha
These were my favorites from it:
Panda & Penguin cupcakes!! How cute!!
I also found this that would go wonderfully with the book:

Its a GIANT cupcake pan that makes a huge cupcake like this:

How fun is that?!?! I almost wanted to buy it right then and there.


Lissbeth said...

I want to learn to make those cupcakes. they are so fun!

Brianne and Jacob said...

Registering was so fun, but so tiring... At our second store, Jake and I got so tired we split up and started scanning.... At my bridal shower I found out that we had registered for whoopee cushions and thong underwear! Embarrassing!

Jayson and Tayler Harris said...

I hope you get that cupcake book. I got one for Christmas and it is so much fun! I also got that cupcake tin last week to make Brody's first birthday cake out of...I'll let you know how it works. I hope it turns out as cute as the picture.

Jessica Fronce said...

Those cupcakes look like so much fun Ness! I would totally love to bake cupcakes with you! I look at your registry and you registered for some really great stuff. I hope you get most of what you need. :)

Jenna said...

Registering is EXHAUSTING! But so fun! I hope you get lots of stuff! My sis has that cake pan and they make the CUTEST cakes! I've been dying to get one! (haha! I love Bri's comment. I let Cory have the scanner ONE TIME and he registered for a sponge bob toilet seat and who knows what else. That was the end of his scanning privilege.)

Angie said...

I seriously told Zach I want that book too! But I told him that we could wait til we have kids... becuase I probably won't be making many cupcakes before that! How exciting! When we both get it let's have cupcake parties!! YAY!!