Thursday, August 27, 2009

"Blondies Night Out" FINALLY!

I guess it wouldnt be considered a "blondes night out" anymore since Jessica died her hair! But we will still count it. ;) It was so good to get together with these girls again! It had been so long. Of course we ate yummy food at Johnny Carinos and then went over to Forever 21 to shop!!
Like our matching jackets??
Love you girls! And Baby Weston!!!


Lindsay said...

SEXY! Dang, that was a fun night! Plus, I burned off my chocolate cake chasing Weston around Forever 21! So fun! But really - we had a great time. Thanks for the memories!

Jessica Fronce said...

I seriously love our girls nights! We can't wait so long for our next one. Swiss Days should be way fun! Love you Ness!

p.s. thanks for accepting me even though I have darker hair now. :)