Monday, August 10, 2009

Bear Lake

I couldn't have used a quick relaxing vacation at a better time.
We headed up to Bear Lake the day after school ended and I had gone into burn out mode. I was absolutely exhausted from the last few months and I felt like a zombie.
One of the reasons we go to Bear Lake is to go to the Pickleville Playhouse. This year we saw this one:
Probably the best play I have seen there yet!!! If anyone knows my love for Nacho Libre, this was pretty dang close. I was rolling with laughter the majority of the time.
Friday we went Jet Skiing. It was COLD!! The water was warmer than the air. It was Ryan's first time ever riding jet skis and he LOVED it. He giggled like a little kid the whole time.
This was the view from our condo:
We did alot of this:
and alot of this:
Can't pass up Bear Lake shakes!!
We also did alot of this:
Napping :)
Yesterday I took my first 4 hour nap in like 4 months!! It was glorious!!
So now that all I have to worry about is finalizing wedding stuff, its time to start having girls nights again!!!


Jessica Fronce said...

Agreed! It is time for a girls night ASAP! It's just so hard to find a night that all four of us can make.

Shumway Adventures said...

When are we going to play? I had no idea you had a condo in that neighborhood area! IT is so fun up there!! we drive through that area all the time when we are up there. Do your parents own a condo up there?

Lindsay said...

Cute pictures! Looks like you guys had an awesome time!

Lindsay said...

Thanks - you're so sweet. But don't worry, I faked it all...highlights, teeth whitener, and tanning lotion. You do what you have to do right? We had such a blast - and you're right, it's definitely time for a girl's night asap!