Thursday, August 20, 2009


We finally found a place to live! Ryan moves in this weekend! Kinda quick but we had to to be able to get the great deal that we did! I can't wait to start decorating!(and for my walk-in closet!!)
I'm really stoked about its location!! Right across the street I have access to:
Not to mention like 2 grocery stores and MANY MANY restaurants.
Then just up the street there is:

And MOST importantly!:


Lindsay said...

Sweet! Where are you guys going to be living? We'll all have to do a big date night so we can come see your cute apartment! And yeah, we still need to do a girl's night. Fun! And sorry about your windshield, that's crappy! And kinda funny - your poor mom!

Ben and Ashli Paynter said...

Yeah that's so fun. Your so lucky to live that close to a cafe rio I freaking love that place.

Natalie Myers Rogers said...

ummm were going to practically be neighboors!! i live right there too! which apartments??

Jamie and Lauren said...

Thats such a fun feeling when you know where you are going to be living!! Where is it?

Jonathan and Krysten Olson said...

You guys are right down the street from us! I love being close to Fort Union, there's so much stuff in there!!

The Bennion's said...

YAY!! You are so close to us too! We will have to become gym buddies...PLEASE! I need someone to whip my fat A$$ into shape!