Monday, August 17, 2009


I can't believe that we only have a month left!! Reality is starting to hit. It feels like it has been so far off and just something that would happen sometime in the future but now that we are wrapping up the planning and finalizing everything its becoming more real!
Last week I had my bridals taken. I wish I could post some pictures so badly but no can do! Surprisingly Ryan actually reads my blog on occasion and I'm making him wait to see me in my dress. Can't ruin the surprise!! I will post them as soon as I can though. But for those of you that want to see them in advance.. email me :).
We are starting to send out inviations this week!! YAHOO!!
Anyone have any good suggestions for books to read?? Maybe something to do with getting married or preparing to go to the temple?? Let me know! I have too much time on my hands any more.


Aaron and Cassie said...

WOW I'm so excited for you! One month will pass like nothing! As for good books,,I just started Previously Engaged, the Elodia Strain sequel to Icing on the's great so far!
love ya!

Jenna said...

I have two fantastic reads as you come to this big moment in your life. "Between Husband and Wife" by Stephen E. Lamb and Douglas E. Brinley. It's a great resource for a couple of different things. The other is "Rock Solid Relationships" by Wendy L. Watson. Congrats on surviving your engagement thus far! haha. It can be hard sometimes, but it is so worth it to be with him for eternity! I can't wait to see all of your pics! I'm SURE you will make the most beautiful bride ever!

Brianne and Jacob said...

"The Five Love Languages" by Chapman is my vote... You will learn how the other likes to be loved. It's pretty fun to get through. However, for the book to work its wonders, you both have to read the book. :)

Brittany and Dallin said...

Not sure who they are by, but there are these books that I love. One is called "First Comes Love" and the other one is "Then Comes Marriage" Both really good. I also heard that the book "Between Husband and Wife" is a really good one, and it's by the same author.I wanna see your bridals!!!!

Lindsay said...

Ahhh! Email me, Email me! I can't wait to see your bridals! I'm so excited for you guys!

Linnea said...

Janessa, if you are still looking for books to read, I'd recommend "Saving Your Marriage Before It Starts", but Leslie Parrot, and "The Seven Priciples for Making Marriage Work" by John Gottman. :-) Good luck!