Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Eventful Weekend!

We had quite the busy weekend! It made it go by too quickly. Saturday we moved Ryan into our apartment! I haven't taken any pictures yet cause its a MESS!! I will be moving my stuff in over the next few weeks. YAY! After a long day of moving we had two weddings to attend Mat & Keesha's, and then Ted & Breauna's! Congrats you guys! (I was so exhausted from moving this was the only picture that was taken all night.)Sunday Funday!
Ryan & I were planning on going to Lagoon, but with the new apartment we don't have a lot of money. So we had a fun (and cheap!) day with our friends Chris & Rachel.
We went to brunch at this lil place on 1300 s. across from Liberty Park. It is in someones house. Half of it is the restaurant and the other half is their house! It was so busy, but so worth the wait!
After a lil nap to help with our food coma, we went hiking up to Moss Ledge.

On our hike down it started POURING on us. It was so fun. It made it kind of scary though cause all the rocks were slick!!
3 WEEKS TO GO!! I sent out the invites yesterday! So keep your eye out!

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Lindsay said...

Fun! I'm So excited to see your invitations! And I'm excited for girl's night! Yay!