Monday, February 1, 2010

Sunday Brunch

Since our time is limited now a days,
we have to get creative with hanging out with friends.
We went with our good friends Chris and Rachel to brunch on Sunday. They introduced us to this great little cafe' last summer and its our favorite place for brunch.
Its called The Park Cafe' and its right across the street from Liberty Park.
It is so delicious!!
A husband and wife opened it and its just run out of someones house.
Check it out sometime!

I am still full from the french toast.


Lindsay said...

YUM. I LOVE French Toast!

Gentri said...

Hey! I've totally been there and it's way cool! I love it too :)

Kara Simmons. said...

Thanks for the sweet comment about Lydia!
This place look like fun and sounds delicious!