Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Best Valentines Yet!

The title says it all!
Best Valentines I have ever had.
It will be hard to top.
Saturday morning,
I woke up and was bummed that Ryan didn't say bye before he went to work,
until I walked in the kitchen and found this! In his 3 paged post-it-shaped-like-a-J letter
it said that my friend Mika would be picking me up at 4:45
and that I should wear something nice.
I knew he had a surprise for me that night,
but I got EXTREMELY excited when he said
"wear something nice."
Which then I immediately started stressing.
Dress nice??
Does that mean nice jeans or slacks?
Maybe a dress?
My phone had died earlier that morning
so I had no contact with Ryan.
Luckily I had gotten one last text from Mika saying she was going to wear nice jeans.
at 4:45 Mika came and picked me up.
We were then instructed to go get some chick flicks,
candy for during the movie,
and that we cant come home till 6:30.
So we got a movie,
got some candy,
even had time to stop at Payless to get a new purse and a hat
and we still even sat in Mikas garage for 15 minutes waiting for them to tell us we could come in.
We were getting very impatient and were trying to figure out what our surprise was! Finally they told us to come in but to knock.
This is how they answered the door
and of course I made them pause for a quick picture.
We immediately smelled something cooking!
Homemade chicken cordon bleu and steaks!
They did such a great job!
It was so yummy.
I ate so much and got the worst belly ache EVER.
And the surprises kept coming.
After a week of whining about how much I wanted cold stone,
they pulled these bad boys out of the freezer after dinner.
Mika and I were already planning on driving down to cold stone later that night to get some!

Thanks babe for a great surprise and the yummy dinner!
Your da' best!
Sunday we got up early and went snowboarding!
It was such a beautiful day!
I was really surprised at how many people there were up there for a Sunday!
I love pine trees when they have snow on them.
So beautiful.
We actually took more pictures than we went down the mountain.
I think we only got in 4 or 5 runs before we were beat and ready for a nap.
And nap we did.
Then off we went to our couples massage!
Neither of us had ever had a professional massage before,
and we were in for a treat!
It is partially my fault for asking for a deep massage,
but it was PAINFUL!!!
I had lots of tension and knots in my neck and shoulders.
BOY oh BOY did those hurt!
I was really sore yesterday from it and I don't think snowboarding helped.
Next time I will be getting a more gentle massage.
But it is nice to have alot of those knots worked out!
Happy Valentines Everybody!


katrina taylor said...

So fun, you make me want to do something grand for valentines day next year.

Chelsie and Jon said...

Wow ryan is such a romantic! Looks like you guys had a great weekend! Becareful Couple Massages are so addicting! hahaha!

Taylor & Tawni said...

That's awesome, looks like you guys had a blast!! I'm so glad. :o)

Lindsay said...

AWWWW!! SO CUTE! What a sweet hubby you have! That's so thoughtful of him to surprise you so much like that! Looks delicious too! You guys are so dang cute!

Jamie and Lauren said...

Wow Ryan- Good job! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Jayson and Tayler Harris said...

How cute! Ryan did a great job! It looks like you guys had a great Valentines Day.

Trent and Jayme said...

Wow! Looks like you guys had a blast! You guys are too cute!

Tarah said...

That's awesome! Looks like you had a great Valentine's!