Friday, February 5, 2010

Clutter Frustration!

I feel like everything in my life right now is so cluttered and unorganized!
Its driving me bazurk.
As embarrassed as I am to show this to the world,
this is how our kitchen sink looks the majority of the week:
And this is just the beginning.
There is the pile of junk mail and bills on our table,
or the pile of clothes next to my bed that increases as the week goes on,
or the piles of shoes & blankets that accumulate in the front room,
or the fridge full of rotten food we never get around to eating,
or our lack of money because we are horrible with budgeting,
or my wallet that I cant shut because of all the receipts I don't even need,
or my car that collects fast food wrappers and bags,
or my locker at school that over flows with pens and markers.
Or the worst of all...
all the clutter in my head to get it all organized!!!

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The Nilsons said...

Your not alone my friend...your not alone! You should see my place. hahaha