Thursday, February 11, 2010


When this year began there wasn't too much to look forward to besides school and work.
But here we are in February and our year has become more exciting by the minute!
Here are a few things I am very excited for!
Ryan started at T-mobile in December, which means sweet hook ups right??
He got us both myTouches for Valentines.
We were supposed to be able to use them last week.
Still haven't used it.
On top of a surprise Ryan says he has for me tomorrow,
we are going snowboarding:
and getting our first couples massage!

To top off what I hope will be a great weekend,
I get Monday off from work!
(as I am sure alot of people do, but any spare time I can get is a special thing!)
Then in March is when I move up to intermediate at school
and start taking appointments!
Then in April I will be going to this:

In May we will be going to Moab with great friends:

as well as my birthday!

Then the thing I am SUPER excited for is some dear friends invited us to go with them in August to LAKE POWELL!!

After that will be our 1 year anniversary and Ryans birthday!

Life seems so much more exciting when you have something to look forward to!


Taylor & Tawni said...

I'm sooo excited for Powell!! YAY. Sounds like a fun year, I'm so excited for you. And let me know how you like your MyTouch. My Motocliq is really similar and I love it!

Jonathan and Krysten Olson said...

2010 will definatly will a great year:) Hope school is going good...and couples massage, I must say Im jealous you can lay on your stomach and enjoy that!!

Shumway Adventures said...

Hats off to couples massages!! We get them every month!! WE had one today in fact!! WE LOVE THEM!