Friday, October 30, 2009

Esthetician School

I have been wanting to go to school to become and Esthetician for a few years now. My goal was that when I got my Associates degree I would finally do it, and here I am. For awhile I have had my sights set on Cameo College, but with the new Elase Academy that just opened, I am a little confused. So if any of you by chance know anyone that has attended either of these schools, if you could do me a favor and ask them about their experience and let me know!! It would be GREATLY appreciated. THANK YOU!


Lindsay said...

My friend Casi Carter went to Cameo (I think) and then she worked at Elase for years. You should call her and get her opinion...her number is 801-915-4615. Fabulous!

Aaron and Cassie said...

My sister in law went to Cameo and LOVED it! She actually just got hired on for the new St Regis Hotel that's being built in deer valley. She was one of 4 estheticians who got the job out of 300 applicants! She's only been out of school for 2 years so thats awesome!
good luck with whatever you choose though!