Thursday, October 1, 2009


Here are some of my favorite of our engagements!

My sweet friend Chellie Bellie aka Michelle Andersen took them for us. You can find her here. These were so much fun even though we had to make two attempts! The first day we went up to Brighton. It was POURING rain as we were driving there but stopped as soon as we got there. Our plan was to hike up to the bus they have and get some cool pictures with it. I was hiking in high heels mind you.... and when we got up there, there was NO BUS!!!!! We were so bummed. So we just took some pictures up there anyway and then as we were headed back down it start pouring again. At least we were lucky enough to get what we got!! We went a few days later to Gardner Village to take the rest. Hope you enjoy!! Bridals, wedding, and honeymoon soon to come!!


Lindsay said...

Love them! You two are so cute! I'm excited to get together and see how you are as a WIFE now! Yay!

Aaron and Cassie said...

love the pix you guys! so fun, can't wait to see the wedding ones!