Tuesday, June 30, 2009

More Weddings!

It feels as if we are going to weddings every other weekend. It really makes me want to go out and buy new dresses to wear. Talk about wedding OVERLOAD! Last weekend was our friends Jaclyn and Brandons wedding. Ryan used to work with Brandon and play soccer together and Jaclyn and I became good friends while sitting and chatting at those soccer games.
Friday night we threw her a bachelorette party. We first went to Cafe Rio, an all time favorite for all of us. Then she wanted to go to the Tavernacle downtown. Its a really fun chill piano bar.
I was the designated driver so I just had my water in my bud light cup all night.
The Bachelorette:
Funny story of the night. We had just barley gotten to the Tav and we all had to go to the bathroom because we had guzzled a ton of soda at Rio. So I run into the bathroom and start opening one of the stall doors and some how it springs back and hits me in the side of the face really hard. It REALLY hurt. My eye was swollen, red and tender the rest of the night and the next day I had a little black eye. Funny that I was the only one that got hurt that night and I dont even drink. Ill just blame it on the blonde.
Sunday was their wedding. They had it up at Log Haven up Millcreek Canyon. It was goregous up there and the weather was perfect (despite it getting cold as the night went on.)
This woman has such a perfect body, I hate her for it. She looked gorgeous.
This is while we were dancing and making fools out of ourselves.
And this is Ryan. Im really not sure what he was doing...
So thats about 5 weddings down and about 423 left to go!!! haha jk
Ours is creeping up on us! Less than 3 months to go! We got our engagements taken about a week ago. I will post some as soon as I can.
Wedding plans are coming along quite nicely, although I often wake myself up in the night worrying about things. If anyone knows a good dj for a decent price (less than $300) PLEASE let me know.

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Lindsay said...

Sweet moves Ryan! I hope to see some more at your wedding too! Cute pictures from the bachelorette party! It made me want to do another girl's night! Soon for sure!