Saturday, June 13, 2009

Chris & Rachels Wedding

Friday was our dear friends Chris & Rachel Liddiards wedding. They got so lucky with the weather. It was like the only day in like the last few weeks that it didn't rain all day. It wasnt until the very end that it started to rain. But the ceremony and the reception were just beautiful. I hope mine turns out that great. They are so cute together. This is just one of the many weddings we will be attending this summer. I think I might be wedding'd out by the time ours gets here. haha
The groom and his groomsmen Her bridesmaids were so cute. If you cant tell they had bright blue shoes on too and they also had blue sunglasses that they wore later.
The groomsmen

Mr. & Mrs. Liddiard
The wedding party
Ryan and friends destroying their car
Rachel & I. She was such a beautiful bride.


Lindsay said...

Way fun! Her dress was gorgeous. I can't wait to see yours! Yay!

Kimberlie and Julian said...

I love your blog!! It was good seeing you at the wedding!! You guys need to take a trip to Vegas :)

Rachel Liddiard said...

Ahhh... You're so Sweet. I heart you!