Friday, April 30, 2010

Esthetics Convention 2010

Last weekend I headed off to the Esthetics's Convention in Vegas!
(Lots of pictures. Not going to apologize cause lets be honest... pictures are the best part!)
We left bright and early Saturday morning.
Our flight went fast!
Although I did get sick from it.
Flying is not my forte'.
But it was fun!
There was a whole team of baseball players from Vegas on our flight.
And we even did a little gambling ON the plane.
We put our seat number on a dollar bill and put it in this big plastic bag,
then they pick out one and whoever seat was on the bill got all the money.
I didn't get so lucky.
(Chalise, Tisa & I) (Mika, Britt & Me!)
We jumped in a cab at the airport to go check into our hotel before we headed to the convention.
our Ukrainian taxi driver took us to the wrong hotel and then left.
So we had to walk down the street and around the corner to our correct hotel. Then we headed off to the convention!
Our hotel was RIGHT across the street so it was a nice lil walk.
We grabbed some lunch: And then got to the good stuff!!
Holy smokes.
It was all SOOO overwhelming!!
So much cool stuff to look at!
I was lucky to have Erin there with me.
She is the esthetician at Color My Nails and she was helping me the whole time.
I felt like I was job shadowing!
We kept getting asked if we were sisters.
We just giggled and said yes :)
(Chalise, Erin & Me) My feet and arms were KILLING me at the end of the day.
Please notice our ginormous bags:

We lugged our stuff back to the hotel and were going to get freshened up for dinner
but then found something better to do. After jumping our lil monkey hearts out,
we headed to dinner with the rest of these cute girls. Then someone decided to walk the strip after dinner.
After walking around a convention all day,
walking the strip isn't too appealing.
After about an hour of walking & getting sexually harassed,
we decided we should head back to the hotel.
An hour after that we FINALLY found a damn cab.
You see them everywhere down there,
But let me tell you they are impossible to get!
It was so nice to get in bed that night.
Sunday morning we got up and walked about 2 miles to the closest Walgreen's to get some breakfast.
It was an interesting trip seeing is how the lady at the hotel told us it was a 10 min walk.
Once we hiked to and from Walgreen's,
we headed over to the Hilton to get our tan on!!
There was this tree on the way that I thought looked like a GIANT pineapple!
So I HAD to get a picture.
YUM. It was so nice to lay out but it was SO hot!!
The sun kicked my butt cause I got heat stroke or exhaustion.
(I don't know which one is which)
After we laid out I should have stayed at the hotel and rested,
but instead we went shopping!
You know the feeling of when you are SO exhausted all you want to do it cry?
That's so how I felt that night.
We went to P.F. Chang's for dinner.
It was tasty but our waitress took her sweet time!
We seemed to keep ourselves entertained though.
After dinner all I wanted to do was eat some ice cream and lay in bed.
Of course a Ben & Jerry's had to be hard to find.
I looked it up on my phone and told the cab driver where to go,
but he thought he knew better so he took us to the Paris Hotel.
Once we got in we ask a security guard where it was and he told us to go to Planet Hollywood next door.
Of course.
Nothing can be easy right!
And of course the Ben & Jerry's was all the way on the OTHER side of the mall.
So as we strolled through the mall,
anxiously awaiting my ice cream,
there was a window display that made me come to a screeching hault.
I honestly cant say I have ever fallen in love with a pair of shoes at first sight.
So I run inside to see and try them on.
As I am walking around the store in my soon to be shoes,
I spot a purse that matches.
Again, I have never fallen in love with a purse at first sight.
I have never spent that much on a pair of shoes and a purse before.
I was having a lil bit of an anxiety attack,
hence my face:
After a nice lil call to the hubs,
I felt better about my wonderful purchase.
It was SO worth it.
We made our way back out to find a cab and decided we had to gamble a little.
I mean we were in Vegas for goodness sakes.
I put in a dollar and I won 12 cents!!
Never cashed it in.
The voucher is still in my purse.
When we got back to the hotel,
we attempted to pack everything up.
Just in case you didn't notice our ginormous bags before,
please notice now:
On Monday,
we finished packing up our things and headed on our way.
Although I am fully aware that wearing heels to walk around an expo isn't the smartest idea...
I was just too dang excited to wear my new shoes and purse!
Chalise & Tisa headed off the to airport and I went to the expo with the other girls.
Along with a massive headache,
I'm pretty sure all of us got a little bit of food poisoning from Chang's the night before.
It was a painful day.
In heels.
We did one last run through the expo and then headed back to the hotel.
Our flight wasn't till later that night and we had already checked out of our rooms,
so we just hung out in the bathroom lounge for a few hours trying to get all of our purchases to fit in our suitcase, and made a few interesting friends.
By this time I was ready to fall on my face,
so I didn't get any pictures.
We went to the airport a few hours early to grab some dinner and relax.
As we were checking our bags,
mine came back as over weight and they were going to charge me $50 bucks for being 7 lbs over the limit.
So my friends and I were frantically ripping things out of my suitcase and trying to fit them into a carry on.
I felt like my things were flying everywhere!
Luckily we got it all situated and I didn't have to pay!
On the plane ride home we sat next to one of the singers from Jericho Road! (sarcasm)
He kept trying to hit on us until he realized we were all married.
Then he put his headphones in and kept to himself.
This is us sad to be leaving Vegas,
even though secretly I was SO happy to be home.
Regardless of all the chaos and getting sick a few times,
it was so much fun!
I learned so much for next year and by the time I go next year I will be graduated.
I better start saving now.
I spent ALOT of money in the span of 3 days. :S
If you or anyone you know would be interested in hosting a glitter toe party,
PLEASE contact me!
I am now available to do them outside of school!


Taylor and Tawni said...

I'm so glad you had fun (in spite of being sick) but I'm glad you're home so we can play! Can't wait for tomorrow!!

the taylors said...

holy mily, looks like fun. and quite crazy.

Cole and Lauren said...

I totally love your shoes and purse! Totally worth it! =) Tourquise and pink are my favorite colors, I dont know if i dare ask how much the shoes were lol! I think if I came home with another pair of shoes cole would kill me (he counted my shoes one day and I have 68 pairs =)looked like a blast hopefully I will be able to go in a few years!

Lindsay said...

Wow! What a trip! Looks like a blast! And you're right, pictures are the best. Don't apologize. So fun - I'm jealous!

Anonymous said...

So fun Jess! Look at all you sexy ladies bikini ready! NICE! Looks like you guys had a blast!

Shumway Adventures said...

wow sounds like you spent a lot of money and that you had a blast too!!