Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter Weekend!

What a nice relaxing weekend!
Friday I only had to work half day since it was Good Friday.
It gave me alot of extra time to run some errands for the Easter bunny!
Later that night we went with our darling friends to Tepanyaki.
This was Ryan's first time ever going! Once our bellies were full of yummy food we decided to hit up a movie!
But since the boys and us girls couldn't agree on a movie,
we ended up going from date night to girls night!
The boys went and saw some Titan movie while we went and saw Bounty Hunter!
We were those obnoxious girls taking pictures during the previews!
Sorry everybody!
Saturday was pretty quiet.
I ran my errands and I got a nice little visit from Kenzie and I took her to lunch!
Sure do love my sis in law!
Sunday we got up bright and early to go to brunch with some friends.
But of course before we went we had to get our Easter baskets!
Ryan was so excited.
We both hid each others in the closet and somehow we just ended up sitting in there as we went through our baskets and ate some candy!
Ryans basket:
My basket: Ryan sure did a much better job on my basket than I did on his.
Its just too much fun to spoil each other!
We went to our favorite place for brunch with some of our favorite people!
As soon as we got home we turned on conference and slept till we went to my parents for Easter dinner!
Happy Easter!
Hope the Easter Bunny treated you well!

Too much candy + lots of yummy food=
Lots of this:


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Angie said...

What a fun Easter!! Looks like you both got spoiled! Love and miss you guys tons!

Lindsay said...

SO cute! Looks like a great Easter! I've never been to Tepanyaki...we should go next girl's night!

Jamie and Lauren said...

Glee is the best t.v. series!! And guess what- it starts next Tuesday again! Woo Hoo!