Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Treatment of the Week!

Pedicures are 50% off till March 28Th!
Which means they are only $13!
Come in and let me pamper you!
This Wednesday & Thursday
And next week Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday!
Call and schedule an appointment now!!
Don't forget to request me!


Lindsay said...

Ooohh! That's awesome! You definitely have to let us know whenever there is a treatment of the week! Great idea! Adam even wants to come get some sort of massage or something, he was jealous.

Jessica Fronce said...

I have an appointment with you next Wednesday at 5:30! :) I'm way excited! Do you get to learn how to do massage? What's the next thing you get to learn?

Jacquie Lyn said...

My mom and I are coming in to see you this Thursday! Can't wait to see your cute face!! xoxo