Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday... Again?

I look forward to the weekends to rest and relax,
but they end up being just as busy as my weekdays.
They seem to disappear too quickly.
I really hit a wall this weekend.
Just couldn't go anymore.
I was at the point of exhaustion where I just had to cry I was so tired.
Not to mention I was so sore that I could hardly move.
I am so grateful for a husband that takes such good care of me when I am out of commission.
For a minute there I was wondering how I was going to get through this week!
Besides rest and relaxation,
I always look forward to hanging out with these lovely ladies:
But really...
We went to dinner at Red Robin and got loaded up on caffeine.
Didn't help we were already hyper!
Then went and saw the wonderous
Alice in Wonderland!
While we dove into our secret stash of goodies!
And just couldn't stop giggling :)
I sure do love these girls.
They sure helped make my weekend better.
Its an odd weekend when we DON'T hang out.
Counting down the days till we can play again!


Taylor & Tawni said...

You're so cute Nessa. Just keep being strong, you're an amazing woman! This weekend was a blast. Lookin forward to many more to come!! :o) Love ya darlin!

Lindsay said...

I knew I knew TAWNI!!! I wonder if she remembers me...she dated Adam's cousin back in the day! I kept seeing her in your pictures, and it finally clicked! Tell her Hi for me for sure!

Taylor & Tawni said...

Lindsay Neff? Yep I remember you. I dated Taylor for a little bit. How are you guys doing? Any kids yet?

Jacquie Lyn said...

I love this post! Haha and I love you! Keep on trucking girl, the rewards will far outweigh the tough parts on the road there! And girl you are going to have so much to show for it! xoxo

Amy and Matt said...

Hi! Thanks for the question, how do you "unzip" the file???