Friday, March 5, 2010

Notes from the heart.

Dear Spring,
Please stop being such a tease.
Dear Marriage Ref,
You are boring AND very annoying.
Dear Hulu,
Thank you for providing me with hours of entertainment at work.
Dear Bed,
I miss you so. I wish we had more time together.
Dear 15+ Hour Days,
You are wearing me out, and making it really hard to leave my beloved bed in the mornings and work out.
Dear Husband,
I love you and miss you. Thanks for taking out the garbage last night.
Dear Samoa Girl Scout Cookies,
You were sent from heaven to reside on my hips forever...
Dear Tony Horton,
You are a weirdo. You are making this p90x thing hard. I wish I could put the workouts on mute so I don't have to listen to your stupid jokes and antics.
Dear smoker lady right outside the office,
Pretty sure, even if its snowing, you should still be 25 feet away from the entrance as it states in Rule R392-510-9 for the Utah Indoor Clean Air Act.
Dear Del Taco,
How I crave your deliciousness.
Dear Friends,
I haven't forgotten about you. Thanks for reading my blog and have a great weekend!


Brittany and Dallin said...

You literally just made me laugh out loud, while at work. I'm sure everyone thinks I'm retarded. What's new. Del Taco sounds delicious.

Lindsay said...

OH.MY.HECK. I want to eat every box of Samoas in the universe. They have a magical power, a special ingredient, they are outstanding. And P.S. - You and I have an appointment next Wednesday the 10th to pamper ME!!! Yay!!!

Jamie and Lauren said...

Thank you for my comic relief of the day. It made me laugh. Also- When my feet become a tad bit darker and wont blind you when I take my shoes off, I would like a pedicure.

the taylors said...

you don't like the marriage red? oh how i LOVE it. i will miss you in class tonight

Rose said...

You have raw natural funniness!!! Thanks for the laugh!!!

Tarah said...

Dear Sis,

I love you!

Lindsie said...

You make me laugh! :)