Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Hit me baby one more time!

Last night I went to Britney Spears and Pussy Cat Dolls concert. It was SO much fun. My friend Mika text me on Monday and said that our friend Jacquie's sister had two extra tickets and was giving them to her so she invited me to go! I giggled at the thought of going to a concert where there would be THOUSANDS of under aged girls. But it really was a blast!! We went to Cafe Rio before.. YUMMY!
We sat so far up it was kinda scary. Walking down the stairs was scary cause they were so steep if felt like if you fell you would fly off the edge!
Pussy Cat Dolls opened for Britney. They were great!! They were very friendly and talking to the audience alot. It would be so much fun to do what they do. Sing their hearts out and dance around. I'm not so sure on their outfits though..
Since Britney's recent CD was Circus, the whole concert was themed that way. Before Britney came out they had like 20 min of people doing stunts and stuff. It was pretty cool! It sucked though because all of the younger girls stood the whole time, and with being so high up already you didn't really need to stand to see everything. So that was quite bothersome.
Then Britney FINALLY came out. I'm pretty sure she didn't even sing HALF of her songs. And she didn't even say anything to us till have way through the concert. It made me wonder if they took away her talking privilege's since she said some stupid things at the last few stops on her tour. haha But she looked good, almost too good....
She sang alot of her fun old stuff, but there was new stuff that she did that was kind creepy. But in between her costume changes they would have these video flashbacks playing with some of her songs. They make her look so hot. When do you see her that hot outside of performing anymore?? SERIOUSLY. Some of the time it almost seemed like she wasn't really into it. Nonetheless, it was so much fun! You can never pass up FREE!
Easter weekend was great even though my whole family was out of town. I got to spend alot of time with Ryan's family and it was so much fun. I went shopping with his little sister Kenzie to try on bridesmaid dresses and we ended up buying alot of clothes with no relation to the wedding. Its been awhile since I have just spent money on myself like that so it was enjoyable. (except the anxiety of spending money). Sunday was such a beautiful day. And I must say I love how all this precipitation is making all the grass so green! We went to church and then had dinner at his parents house. My little brother came with us since no one was home at my house. He got along SO well with Ryan's family. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. It makes me so happy that our families can get along and more so that my brother fits in! He can be shy sometimes but man he is a witty character. We are going to go to dinner with our parents in a few weeks cause they haven't met each other yet. I'm not sure how to feel about it. Hopefully it will go well! My lovely married friends... how did it go when your parents met for the first time?? Just curious!
ps. I found my snowboard boots!! Too bad the resorts are closed now! At least I will have some for next year. These weren't the ones I was looking at at first but they came on
http://www.whiskeymilitia.com/ for $60. Can't pass that up. And they do match my board pretty well. :)


Ben and Ashli Paynter said...

Fun! You look so cute! It looks like you had so much fun!

Lindsay said...

Your hair looks so cute curly like that! Way fun! Free nights like that are awesome! When our parents went out to dinner before our wedding, I was so nervous. It was slightly awkward just because our parents are SOOO different. I've never even though about that night until you mentioned that! I must be supressing the anxiety I felt that night. Yikes. Good luck! I'm sure it will go well for you guys!

Jonathan and Krysten Olson said...

Hey, we had her shower at the Pioneer building across from Gardner Village- they have a kitchen, bathroom and it's super cute inside! My sister went to Britney too and said it was way fun!

Tarah said...

Barf on Britney.

And when the parents met it was glorious!

Tim and Brittney said...

I'm so jealous! I bet that was one of the best concerts ever!!