Monday, February 23, 2009


So Ryan and I aren't big on holidays where we have to deal with crowds. Last year we even did it the day before Valentines so we wouldn't have to deal with people. We kinda made it our own "Non-valentines day". But this year he had to work on the 13Th so we ended up doing on actual Valentines. It wasn't too bad since we just stayed in and I made him dinner. That was pretty much my gift to him since he told me I couldn't spend any money on him... LAME! But I'm kinda tight on money right now anyway so I didn't complain. I even attempted to make him cheesecake which is his favorite!! Thanks Brittney! It turned out pretty yummy!
But the turd went and bought me a snowboard!!! So I hope the dinner was really good!! ha ha It came just as the board so we had to go buy bindings for it later that week. All I have left now is boots and I'll be an offical snowboarding chic! I haven't had a chance to ride it yet but it came with a free day pass so hopefully we can go sometime before the season ends!! I'm so excited to keep learning on my own board!! Thanks so much babe!!
my arms look like midget arms... ha ha but then again.. I pretty much am one.


Lindsay said...

How fun! Those are the best Valentine's anyway...I'm glad you guys had fun! Okay, how on earth did you make that last line on your blog post smaller than the rest of the writing? I've been trying to figure that one out forever, but I have no idea how to change the fonts on my blog - it always just changes ALL the writing, but I usually just want certain little parts to be different sizes. I'm an idiot. Nice snowboard by the way! That will be way fun!

Shumway Adventures said...

Thats a nice gift cute!!

Rose said...

What a cut couple!! I remember those days, right now is the most fun you'll ever have. (not saying that married live isn't fun, its more of a fun in the home with family-kind of fun.) Right now you will make the memories you can tell your children for years to come!! Enjoy it! It doesn't last long.

Brianne and Jacob said...

Hey Janessa, I'm glad that you have a blog too... Better updating system I think. You guys look pretty cute and happy.. Hope all is well with you!

See you later,
Brianne Trimble Noyes