Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Hit and Run

This is a picture of my parents wall in the front of their house after a drunk driver ran into it at 3 o'clock in the morning on Sunday. The driver left the car, stupid kid... like they wouldnt be able to find him. He had hit it pretty hard because the car had alot of damage, the windshield was cracked from him hitting his head and the air bag went off. My mom said that it sounded like an explosion! Unfortunately the stupid kid doesnt have insurance so my parents are going to have to find other means of fixing it. Moral of the story... dont drink and drive and not expect to pay the consequences.


Greatest American Fisherman ever said...

that sucks one time my parents had some polynesians hiding in their house after they had crashed a car and ran from police. My mom found them in the backroom in the middle of the night!!! She was scared. by the way this is Drew Roska. we have a blog as well.

Shumway Adventures said...

wow Scary! SOmeone should have to pay for it not your parents!! Glad your family wasn't hurt!

Marley said...

Holy Crap yo!! that is crazy!!!! Drinking and driving = no good!! :S