Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Body Worlds 3 Exhibit

Last Thursday Ryan and I went and saw the Body Worlds exhibit downtown. We had attempted to go many times but had it not work out for some reason or another. We were very excited to go, FINALLY! Let me just say it was amazing. The moment we walked into the exhibit it was so peaceful and felt like a sacred place. People weren't just quiet but more like reverent for the cadavers. It was actually kind of a spiritual experience for me. They had letter displayed from one of the body donors that gave me chills when I read it as well as a thank you letter from the people who created it to the cadavers. It was amazing to really see how our body works and how everything works together. Its just proof that there has to be God because the human body is so intricate and extraordinary. Its definately something you need to see atleast once.

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