Monday, May 24, 2010

23rd Birthday!

What a good birthday!
It kind of snuck up on me this year.
And as quickly as it came, it was over!
It began early when kitty wouldn't stop meowing at the door.
He LOVES to go outside so I just assumed he wanted to be let out.
But he wouldn't let up.
Then Ryan kept trying to tell me to let him out.
So I went to let him out and I had a surprise waiting for me:
My mom had come and decorated my door!
She is the best mom ever.
She is such a sweetie.
I love her to pieces.
Once Ry & my mom left for work,
I attempted to sleep in a little longer since it was my birthday and all.
But no go.
I was too excited to get the day going and to get my pup!
After getting ready, cleaning the house a bit and running the last few errands,
my brother Jordo drove me down to Ryan's work and we went to lunch.
Then he headed on our way to Cedar City to pick up the pup!
The anticipation and excitement wore me out!
We had to drive on a dirt road for 6 miles to get to the breeders house.
When we got to her house she took us in back and there were TONS of dachshunds.
There were a few right outside the door that I thought were the ones I was picking from,
but then the lady told her daughter to go get the right ones and brings over this lil guy:

It was love at first sight!

He whined for about 10 minutes into to the ride home.

We turned on some Jack Johnson and he fell right to sleep!

We had to take a few potty breaks: I held him most of the way home.

He kept climbing on my shoulders and sleeping there.

I think secretly he thinks he's a parrot.Meet dodge! We made it home around 8.

We were both pooped!

After our cute friends came over to visit with their pup,

we gave him a bath.

Poor lil guy was shivering so bad! We just love him to pieces!

After the first day or two,

Dodge and kitty are getting along nicely.

He is doing pretty good with potty training.

We have been crating him during the day and hasn't had an accident in there at all!

However he has had a few in the house but we are still working on it!

He seems to love everyone that approaches him.

He is just the biggest snuggler!

Gotta love those floppy ears!

Thank you friends & family who made me feel super loved on my birthday.

Makes getting older not so bad.


Jamie and Lauren said...

Haha- Dodge is so stinkin' cute, I just love him! You and Ryan are the cutest couple- I am so glad you got married! :) I am happy you had an awesome birthday!

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Ness! What a great gift too. I want to snuggle with Dodge. He is seriously so cute.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday lady! Your new baby is adorable! I am happy for you! Your b-day cake was so cute! 23 and still lookin' fly!

Jonathan and Krysten Olson said...

Your puppy is adorable, he'll become more and more like your child by the day!

Shelby said...

So much fun! What a great birthday present and a cute one too :)

Kara Simmons. said...

Your puppy is adorable!! I picked out a dog for my 23rd birthday too. Best present ever still. Hope the potty training is going well!