Wednesday, January 20, 2010

100th Post

My weeks are starting to run together.

I feel like I don't have a second to RELAX.

There is always SOMETHING going on.

Last weekend my sister Kate came to visit. It has literally been YEARS since I have seen her. We don't see each other much or even talk often so it was good to catch up. Although, it is weird when she is around because then I become the little sister again when I am so used to being the oldest.

Somehow my family put me in charge of our agenda. Boy that was stressful! We are all pretty indecisive, and having to make the decision for EVERYONE is the hardest! My dad would disagree and say, "we aren't indecisive, we are just laid back!" Ya... uh huh. SURE!

The weekend FLEW by. After waking up Saturday morning, frantically cleaning my house and giving my car a much needed wash, we picked her up from the airport, went to lunch with the fam and got some good sisterly bonding time getting pedicures at school!Later we took my family to Cafe Rio for the first time and shared with them the wonder they have been missing out on for so long! Then we went to our place, played Band Hero and watched a movie. Its sure entertaining watching my mom play video games! Sunday we got up, got ready, and headed to my parents for a delicious french toast breakfast! Then headed to church with the whole family, came home and ate dinner and watched a movie!

Phew! Thank goodness I had Monday off from work... Too bad I didn't get to relax! I had to wake up and go take car of my car registration. Good lord. What an ordeal! Then lunch with dad and Kate and then off to school for the night!

We are learning manicure, pedicures and glitter toes this week... I bet you your school isnt this much fun!

Needless to say I AM EXHAUSTED! It takes much effort to do anything anymore. And forget about exercising. Last time that happened I got a migraine.

How I wish I could be napping...


Brittany and Dallin said...

Poor Nessa. You deserve a nap. OR a girls night out?...just sayin

Lindsay said...

Good heavens! Go to sleep! You need a nap. Sorry you're overwhelmed! I definitely want a facial from you sometime...I need one! Are you at the academy down by Red Mango in SoJo? If so, you're dang close to my house! I hope you're loving it!