Monday, January 25, 2010

Craft Night

Saturday night, a bunch of us girls had a craft night!
It was so much fun.
While we were crafting it up our hubbies went out on a man date!
Mika, Jacquie and Sadie didn't have a project because Wood Connection closed earlier than we thought.
So we went on a craft search and went to 3 other craft stores before they finally found something to do!
It tooks us a full belly of Rio to get through.
Every ones craft turned out so cute!

Mika J:
and Sadie:
Thanks for a great night girls! Can't wait till next time!


Brittany and Dallin said...

So cute! I love it! I have not been in the mood at all for crafting. I'm also glad school is going well! If you ever need a dummy to try things on...I'm your girl! (Probably along with all your other friends!) ha.

Lindsay said...

How cute! Tawni looks so familiar to me...what's her last name?

Jessica and Tyler Day said...

Those are all so cute! How do you do the ones with paper...just modge podge stuff? And what a bout the C on the last one, how do you do the edges?

Poise'n Ivory said...

SUPER cute!!!

Marley said...

How cute where do you get these cute crafts?! I wanna do them!! ha! :)