Monday, July 6, 2009


We decided to go camping for a night for the holiday with our friends Chris and Rachel. Our plan was pretty much just drive up to Mirror Lake and go from there. (the boys are the one that planned this). Its a good thing it was just a one nighter because it wasn't planned all that well. The boys didn't even think about food until we were about to leave. haha Boys! Cant live with them, cant live without them. On our way up to Mirror Lake we stopped at Provo River Falls. The mosquito's were crazy!!
This is their dog Draco. He didn't like the muddy ground so he sat on the table alot.
Rachel & Draco
Our feet got cold
I had THE most messy s'more of my life. It felt alot more messy that it looks. But it was YUMMY!
The next morning the boys got up early and went fishing. So Rachel & I slept in and the took Draco for a walk around the lake. Ryan didn't have much luck.But Chris did!
(look at Draco eyeing that thing!)
We went back and I made a fire! I even chopped the wood. I was so proud of myself.
Cold Draco
The boys fished forever. They missed breakfast! We were really annoyed with them when they finally got back, so they took us on a hike and we did a little rock climbing.
Draco & I on the way home! He is such a happy guy.
Besides all the frustration with the boys and their planning, and the 15 plus mosquito bites I received, it was fun and nice to get out into nature for a day. Next time, the girls are planning.

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