Saturday, July 11, 2009

Almost Stolen

Yesterday morning I encountered a not so pleasant surprise. I was going out to my car to head to work. I first threw my purse in the car and didn't notice anything at first. But then when I was trying to get something out of my purse I noticed this cover just sitting on the seat. I was really confused.
I thought that it might have just fallen off of something and got down on my knees and started to look around for its place. I then looked up and noticed this:
That's when I knew there was something wrong. I have no idea why I didn't notice it at first.
Then I noticed the steering wheel looked all mangled too like they were trying to take out the air bag:
And then I noticed my window. I don't know if you can tell or not but it was pulled off the track and pried open quite aways:
So not cool. Pretty sure they tried stealing my car but got scared away before they could or they are just too stupid to actually finish the job. Our neighbor across the street has surveillance cameras and said that there were a few people coming in and out of our drive way.Unfortunately there wasn't another car or any recognizable faces. I so badly wish that there was a way to track down these douche bags and give them a little of my rage. I am now stuck dealing with the stupidity of others not to mention paying for it. I am still waiting to hear back from the shop on the damages. I feel so violated. But I am just glad that they didn't take it and anything inside of it. From now on though, you better believe my car will be spotless.


Lindsay said...

That's terrible! What idiots. Do you have full coverage on your car so your insurance will pay for it? That's way crappy.

Tim and Brittney said...

That is so scary! I'm glad nothing more happened! I hope the wedding planning is going well!

Courtney and Dan Archer said...

Oh my gosh, Janessa!! That is awful. I hate people. LoL. I've had my car broken into before and you feel so violated... I'm sorry lady.