Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Happy Cinco di Mayo!

I haven't really had any wedding nightmares the last little while until last night. It was our wedding day and we went to the temple for the sealing right? Well when we got inside the temple, this guy told us that it was booked and we hadn't been scheduled. I freaked out because I had the temple booked before we even got engaged. So we asked if we could still come out of the temple and just pretend that we had been married and just go on with the day as planned. How depressing would that be?!?! I am one that wears my emotions on my sleeve and there is no way I could pull that off. :S It was so awful it woke me up. But it seems that the majority of those dreams are when I'm not prepared. I feel like I have alot done, but then I look at my list and I really don't. I'm going to try and get alot done these next few weeks since I'm taking classes this summer. I'm going to be busy busy busy! I have been thinking of getting a second job. But with taking three classes, already working full time and planning a wedding, I don't know where I would get the time or energy! If only there was enough time in the day right? Or if only I could find a different "full time job" that gives me the hours and the pay I need! EEK!

ps. there is nothing better than tacos and a churro on cinco di mayo!

pss. does anyone know how to post videos from youtube on here??

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