Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Christmas Festivities

Last night we finally got to go see the lights!! We have been trying for weeks to go see them but we were either too lazy or just couldnt get around to it. And Ryan refused to go untill it snowed a little cause he thought it looked pretty with the snow... haha. We went with our dear friends Chris and Rachel. They were the friends that I was living with. We were going to go see the lights up at the zoo but they actually closed earlier than we thought so we just went down to temple sqaure. It was a really quick walk through because we didnt get there till like 9:20 and they close at 10. I wouldnt have wanted to be there any longer than that anyway because it was SO cold!
Me & Rachel

A few weeks ago we went to the Festival of Trees. It was a fun thing to do for the holidays but I had forgotten how busy it gets. It was crazy! Im not a fan of a large mass of people especially when they all bring their kids. I have never gone that fast through it before. We would walk down the center of the isles and try to look at both sides as we walked through. If we saw a tree we liked we would stop for a second and look and then keep walking. We got through the whole thing in an hour. Any longer than that and I would probably have punched someone. We went to Crown Burger across the street before and that was just as bad. We should have thought that one over before... because everyone else thought it would be a good idea too. There were kids running all over the place it was ridiculous! We ate so fasst just so we could get out of there. But although it was hell to go through it.. the trees were so pretty! I cant imagine how much time and work it would take to make one of those.


Ted & Breauna Housel said...

Cute Jenessa!!! I heart you both!

Shumway Adventures said...

That sounds like alot of fun Nessa! I haven' t talked to you for so long! I love the pictures!!