Monday, December 15, 2008


Things have changed a little bit the last month or so.... As of yesterday I am officially moved back home! Its sure nice to have my own space again... and all my shoes!!! The only thing is that Ryan and I might not see each other as much since he lives all the way down town. We have been dating a year now and we have seen each other everyday except for maybe like 10 days total. Especially now that its winter there is less of a chance that I'm going to be driving down there on the icy roads! So we have been a little bummed about it, but we will make it work... I will be living at my parents till we get married(WE ARE NOT ENGAGED YET) and I dont have a clue when that will be, hopefully next fallish. I love my family & kitties though so it won't be bad at all.
I also got a new job about a month ago. Its actually an old job I had about a year and a half ago. I had to leave then because of some work drama I just didnt want to deal with anymore (dont date people from work.. haha), but I loved the job!! Im the office manager and the company is Newport Audio Video & Electrical. They do home theatre systems, central vac, rough and finish electrical. Its a great job, it keeps me busy and I have alot of responsibility. Im the only girl in the company so no drama for me! haha Its so nice to finally be in a good place again where I am SO much happier than I was just a few months ago.


Taylor and Natalie Hathcock said...

Hey girly! I am so glad that you finally found a job that you are liking. so you better let me know when this wedding you talk of is going to be! :) You guys look cute together

Dan and Britt said...

Hey I am so excited for you. I loved reading your blog. Hey congrats on everything

Shumway Adventures said...

This is so exciting! Fall weddings are beautiful too!!